Good security ideas poorly implemented equals poor security

This is a break from food prep blog posts to talk about something that affects every internet user, not just poor bachelors who need help learning how to cook on the cheap.

The Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange is an awesome bit of both math and technology. If you don’t know what a DHKE is, google it and come back. For those who won’t do that, pretty much the bulk of secured communication over the internet.

The DHKE works by taking a very large RANDOM prime number, and then using modulus math to generate a ONE TIME KEY to encrypt communication.

If you take away the “random” from the prime number part, you effectively make the DHKE vulnerable to real time exploitation. As was published here:

Remember these bits of wisdom. Random number generators aren’t. Security protocols only work if you use them. If you don’t know what the weakest link in security is, it’s probably you.

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