One of the huge selling points behind the F-35 was that it could do things with its AESA RADAR that other aircraft couldn’t.

Unfortunately, Lockheed Martin doesn’t control the progress of AESA, and between Ratheon and Northrop

“SABR is a direct replacement for legacy F-16 radars. It features hardware and software commonality with the F-22 Raptor’s APG-77 and F-35 APG-81 radars. The radar also has a unique design that enables ease of retrofit, without aircraft structural modifications or changes to the F-16’s existing power and cooling systems.”

The part about “hardware and software commonality” with the APG-81 found in the F-35 is quite interesting. If it’s made of the same stuff, and has the same operating system, then it would be reasonable to expect that the level of performance is about the same.

So it bears watching to see how the APG-83 actually performs in the F-16, because it should be a preview of how the APG-81 performs in the F-35.

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2 Responses to AESA RADAR.

  1. B says:

    I wonder if the f-16 that Franz Ferdinanded the Russian su-24 used that fancy radar?


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