The original Thanksgiving was very different from the national celebration of the modern age. The culture, food, and traditions have all changed with time.

The “Pilgrims” were thankful to be alive, having left Europe in search of a place where they could practice their religion.

Today the Americans are thankful for what? Football? It’s not a harvest that will sustain them through the winter. It’s not the visceral reality of staying alive in an alien land.

Sometimes I think that “there is nothing wrong with this nation that a good depression couldn’t cure” but that is lazy thinking. We are a nation of excess, and a depression would only temporarily address the symptoms and never the cause.

I’m not particularly thankful for anything right now. I’m glad to have a job, at least for a little bit longer. I’m glad my family is healthy. I worry about Syria spiraling out of control. I worry about the President’s plan to quadruple the number of refugees admitted next year, without also briefing a plan on how the same number of screening personnel can do as good a job with four times the workload.

What I am mostly, is tired. I’m tired of Islamist Terrorism. I’m tired of ineffective air campaigns against Islamist Terrorism. I’m tired of Russia threatening neighbors and waging information warfare and lawfare against them. I’m tired of North Korea being douchebags. I’m tired of a world that isn’t any safer than when I enlisted, 18 years ago.

Next up is Christmas. We’ll have to muddle through somehow.

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3 Responses to Thanksgiving

  1. B says:

    I’ve read this entry three times and still cannot find a better way to describe the emotional temperature of the plebes’…sadly the silver lining is at a distance measured in blood 😛


    • DW says:

      Sadly I have to agree with the comment and the post. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday as it is traditionally about giving thanks, family and fellowship. But the future does indeed appear grim and the elites ( and I mean all of them ) running or wanting to run the country seem dedicated to accelerating the decline. Which is curious to me, as I don’t see how they will be insulated from the coming chaos?

      When 50% of the country is on the dole and/or works for government, then the game is essentially over, and it’s time we face the fact that this 240 year experiment has failed. I would still prefer a peaceful split of the US into a socialist part and some type of libertarian part. But I don’t see much discussion of that option, which is unfortunate as the pending alternative will certainly be horrible and bloody.


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