Why you should own unregistered firearms

The radicals have largely proven the point that if you are consistent on message long enough, the Democrats will act on your message. This gave use the Assault Weapons Ban and Obamacare.

But “43North” who may have also gone by “yankeefarmer” at some point wrote the following “plan” to disarm America: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2015/10/05/1427845/-Effective-Gun-Control-A-National-Semi-Auto-Ban

It is not really a plan, a plan must be feasible. But I’ll get to that later, first now I’ll sum up the plan in fewer words than 43North chose to use.

Step 1: Create National Database of firearms based on Form 4473.
Step 2A: Suspend due process, freedom of speech, the right to counsel, the right to petition for redress, .
Step 2B: Send folks door to door to confiscate firearms and all ammunition using the “element of surprise and overwhelming firepower.” Manpower will come from all Federal Agencies plus a federalized National Guard.
Step 3A: Imprison citizens who can’t produce the firearms or a bill of sale
Step 3B: Imprison judges, journalists, or citizens who protest the abrogation of rights
Step 4: Utopia!

The reason that this isn’t a plan is because
A: it only addresses firearms purchases made on a form 4473. It doesn’t address “ghost guns” inherited firearms, black market firearms, or anything not traceable to an original sale on a form 4473. Essentially this “plan” is only designed to legally dominate and humiliate legal gun owners.

B: The element of surprise and overwhelming firepower works if you have a force advantage, generally at least a fire team of 4 personnel. If there are 80 Million gun owners in America, that means this plan requires 320 Million “Federal Enforcers” to implement simultaneous operations against every target. If you give each team two targets that’s 160 Million, 4 targets that’s 80 million, 8 targets is 40 million, 16 targets is 20 million, 32 targets is 10 million, 64 targets is 5 million, 128 targets is 2.5 million, 256 targets is 1.25 Million. Since the entire Federal Law Enforcement is less than that, and the National Guard is way less than that, you can assume that these ad hoc “compliance teams” will have to handle around 256 targets on the list. Say 10 targets a day due to driving distance and you are looking at a month of continuous operations to confiscate the desired firearms.

C: The most glaring omission is when these combined “Enforcement Teams” start conducting raids on each other. It isn’t a stretch of the imagination to say that many National Guardsmen and Federal Law Enforcement employees own their personal AR-15 or semi-auto pistol for their own enjoyment or protection. Much like the “no fly” list contains Air Marshals and Congressmen, the 4473 list will contain a lot of Soldiers and Cops. Expecting massive compliance on an illegal action from people who swear an oath to support and defend the Constitution is a big stupid.

D: Confiscating ammunition is clearly a pipe dream. A thorough search to get it all takes more time than “element of surprise” gives, and the estimated 12 billion rounds of ammunition in private hands is probably more than a search conducted by ad hoc teams of agents and Soldiers can find. We’ve been in Afghanistan for over a decade, and I found no evidence of an ammunition shortage. The insurgents just used the same ammo as the government of Afghanistan, so it became easy to buy ammo from corrupt guards, supply personnel, or even hijack logistics convoys. At least when they weren’t getting it packed over from Packistan, Iran, and even China.

E: Imprisoning people for not keeping records of past private sales is the creation of a new law with retroactive enforcement. Essentially 43North is advocating for a legal framework where if Christian Fundamentalists decided to make abortion illegal, they could imprison every women and doctor who ever had an abortion by applying the ban retroactively. I don’t have to be a lawyer to explain how retroactive application of law is a horrible, horrible idea.

Now 43North does have some history on his side for this argument, which he brings up in the internment of Japanese Americans in WWII. Although he fails to mention the US Supreme Court ruling supporting the Cherokee people against President Grant’s relocation activities (the Trail of Tears) which Grant simply ignored because the USSC has no enforcement arm.

43North also fails to understand tactics, as the Rules of Engagement he lists are simply “Take no incoming fire” which assumes that the enforcement teams will have overwhelming fire on hand, which is why I assumed that he would need at least a 4 person fire team which includes a machine gun and grenade launcher. The problem with this is that one guy with a bolt action hunting rifle can take out a fire team, two guys with deer rifles can take out a fire team easier, and four guys with deer rifles can really mess up your day. I’ve been to Afghanistan, and when the air goes bad so ground forces don’t have drone support and helicopters on call, those old bolt action rifles can prove very deadly.

Of course 43North didn’t write that “plan” to create something that could actually be accomplished. He (or she) wrote that plan to make like minded idiots feel good through righteous indignation, to make them feel “powerful” that they could make the world a better place for their ideology. Just like “wytchwind” who wrote that women would live to 150 years or more easily without the toxic influence of men as their bodies would just naturally heal themselves, her supporters don’t believe that to be true they just want to believe in a world where they are the powerful ones and those icky men are shown the what for.

It’s infantile fantasy writing, but the scary thing is that radicals have proven that if they stay on message long enough they can get Democrats to adopt infantile positions.

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2 Responses to Why you should own unregistered firearms

  1. B says:

    Glad I missed that read from 43 north. I’ve been trying to keep my blood pressure down as we ramp up to a presidential election. I’m saving all my energy to repel the progressive dalek invasion when it arrives


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