Never Read the Comments…

Reading through the comments on the dailykos has left me feeling like I need a hot bath and mind bleach.

Here are the most honest of the lot…

“Matter of fact, your voice, your vote, won’t matter when we’re done.”43North (admitting the goal of gun confiscation is ultimately political domination is healthy I think)

“Only by taking the guns, all of the guns, can we safely imposed a top-down means of regulation on the American people. Only then, can a compassionate, liberal, inclusive, high tax, high benefit form of government exist.  A no civilian guns policy, advances the socialist political process, like no other means.” 43North (he’s right, gun control is always about political power because people who want to enforce their vision of utopia on others know that they can’t do it through peaceful means)

“Maybe you have to go off the grid to use homemade bullets. Maybe you can only use legal ammunition at gun ranges. Maybe you have to prove you have legal ammunition to be issued a hunting license. Maybe you can’t get a CC permit unless you can prove you use legal ammunition. It’s just not that difficult.”

“With legal bullets available, there would not be an infrastructure necessary to import hundreds of tons. This is not banning. This is gun control/safety.” 88Kathy (which is why the FDA has never cracked down on Candian Pharmacy websites selling prescription drugs into the US…)

“That could end with a stroke of the Director’s pen, GCA’68 as amended requires the Director of the ATF to certify all firearms offered for sale are “suitable for sporting purposes”. It’s why there’s always a pissfight with the NRA about who’s going to be the next Director.
“Yep, nope. Done.” 
Olympic pistol? Not competing.
Camp Perry? A wiki entry, or Military Only.
IPSC may have to change rules, and the PPC “racegun” revolvers will return.” 43North (he’s right about the regulation, but doesn’t address the court challenges based on in common use and subsequent case law or the public comment time on new interpretation of law)

“However, if you ask any unit commander which works better short term, meeting with, and winning the hearts and minds of the local population under your control – or plan B: developing the intel and taking out the opposition to start with?

They’ll go with plan B. A conflict which is short, brutal, and known hostile… verses being shot at after having tea with the local tribal leaders, who promise “to do all we can to convince the radicals to give up their resistance”.

You armor-up for the first, and use all available resources to ensure you go home safe. That armor shows distrust of the local elders, so it’s left behind, just like your life. That’s the real story of Benghazi.  Realpolitic which often works long-term, often has short-term lethal consequences.

As a nation? We can’t hold our attention past the next episode of Survivor, or Dancing with the Stars. Immediate results are required and rewarded.” 43North (he explains why commanders make the wrong choice, killing bad guys instead of working with the populace so they can achieve their own goals is how we’ve done so poorly in Iraq and Afghanistan)

And there you have it, some of the more honest comments about gun control. Although after reading it I’m not sure if 43North just wants to see the world burn.

Remind me to never do that again.

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2 Responses to Never Read the Comments…

  1. B says:

    Yup, will totally remind you and I can’t help but feel like i saw that coming. Just wait, they get real scary when they start saying “annihilate…annihilate”


  2. B says:

    …sorry, need to polish my dr who ” exterminate…exterminate..”


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