This is how the USAF conspires with Lockheed Martin to fuck over the US Taxpayer

From 2013: Air Force spokeswoman Jennifer Cassidy. “The Air Force remains fully committed to the direct support mission for the United States Army and others going forward.”

The Air Force now says the plane is a luxury it cannot afford in this era of cost-cutting, despite the fact that the government signed a $2 billion contract to produce the planes, which saw their first combat missions in August.

The Air Force says it has spent just under $1 billion on the program so far. For now, it looks like the C-27J will make its last combat flight this summer.

Bullshit, as proven by this article dated 30Dec2015. The USAF just pushed through another 1.1 Billion dollars to buy 32 more C-130J variants.

What could have been a 2 Billion dollar buy to replace the Army’s C-23 Sherpa fleet turned into 7 planes for SOCOM and some for the Coast Guard and a few surplussed off to Australia.

The USAF canceled the C-27J program to allocate that money toward the F-35, now Lockheed Martin gets yet another contract to fill in for the lack of C-27Js in the fleet. Congress made the USAF spend the money allocated for the C-27J as allocated, so the program was canceled without helping out the F-35. 1.6 Billion bought the original 21 aircraft, out of a total 38 planned for the entire purchase. Only 17 aircraft to go before the USAF wouldn’t need to ram through shenanigans like yet another “group buy” of C-130J variants (up to 83 total planes including USMC and Coast Guard purchases).

The biggest threat to American security right now is the USAF acquisitions process.

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One Response to This is how the USAF conspires with Lockheed Martin to fuck over the US Taxpayer

  1. Billy Smith Jr says:

    Lockheed will eventually sell out America in the name of its shareholders.


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