Female Rangers

The Army spread the call far and wide looking for the cream of the crop to send to Ranger school. Hundreds volunteered.

Three made it. Three exceptional women who went through hell to earn their 2 dollar piece of cloth. You know how I know they went through hell? Not one of the three requested a transfer to the Infantry after graduation. They looked forward to taking their tab and going back to being a pilot, an MP, and a Reservist.

Since those three, nothing.

Remember that females have been part of Sapper school for over a decade, but graduated on average less than ten per year (on average, not every year will be average).

Now that the pressure is off of Ranger school to conform to the “a female will graduate” guidance, no more untrained observers to ensure “fairness” I expect that we won’t see many more female Rangers until the next big push by the social justice warriors to figure out why women aren’t graduating Ranger school at rates near men….

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1 Response to Female Rangers

  1. B says:

    Ugh, social justice warriors…why is it unreasonable to believe that women have a place in the military, have been great value add to many jobs but by the very nature of the work, aren’t ideal for all positions. Come on, this isn’t ain’t Mickey D’s we’re taking about and sure isn’t about pulling a trigger. It’s more about physical, genetic and sex related issues. Gender is a fallacy. If you aren’t built for the job, you just can’t get a pass because it makes everyone feel better about themselves. I’m about over this whole sjw deal , especially the military. I love my wife, she is equal to me in many ways, better than me in most but there are some tasks (even though she could potentially do) I have to perform. It’s called cost benefit analysis. Easier and cheaper to sacrifice my time and sweat. Changing the tire on the interstate come to mind. It is accepting what ticket the life lottery gave you and what choices you did because of it that determine the outcome of your happiness. I just read that they are allowing trans people to compete in the opposite sex sport of choice. I can’t wait until the next cross dressing Dennis Rodman decides to try out for the wnba 😛


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