The thin veneer of civilization…

Civilization is little more than manners. Treating others with respect, treating their property with respect. The laws of a land cannot stop the thin veneer of civilization from being scraped away to reveal the raw humanity underneath any more than they can stop the normal everyday crimes of theft or murder.

The collapse of civilization comes when people decide that their own survival requires they not have good manners. The most successful civilizations have been homogeneous, everyone has a common culture and heritage and everyone understands what the good manners required to keep civilization going. In the face of this history, multiculturalism is running head first into reality.

Compare and contrast: “Hundreds of Masked Men Rampage through Stockholm beating ‘Refugees'”
With: “Swedish Police Warn Stockholms Main Station overrun with Migrant Teens”

Things you as an astute observer of those two articles should note. 1, the “asylum seekers” are not Syrian. They are Moroccan or Somali. North Somalia is essentially a peaceful area right now, so I would have no problems sending an asylum seeker back to Somalia. And I have no idea what people from Morocco need to be claiming refugee status in Sweden for other than welfare checks. If you think that is racist by all means provide an alternative version of events.

Now this final headline: “Sweden Prepars to Expel up to 80,000 Migrants”

Multiculturalism has had yet another nail hammered into the coffin. In America, a black woman lists things like: and is actually taken seriously instead of being laughed at as a bitter spokesperson for a degraded and parasitic class on productive society.  Of course she claims that chemtrails made her sick but somehow made her telepathy stronger, so no use arguing with crazy people:

The difference between Sweden and the United States is that Sweden tried really hard to integrate ungrateful Africans into their society and it just didn’t work. In America, we no longer try, we simply have a system of capitalism that allows society to segregate by earnings and wealth. Sure there are race riots every so often, but really that boils down to Blacks burning each others homes and businesses and blaming white people for making them destroy their own neighborhoods. This doesn’t hold true for every neighborhood or metropolitan area of course, but it is a big enough issue that it is concerning:

One of the scariest versions of “the end of the world as we know it” is the day after the welfare checks stop. Imagine what would happen in Sweden. Imagine what would happen in Chicago. Imagine when people go hungry. The thin veneer of civilization is quick to go.

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1 Response to The thin veneer of civilization…

  1. B says:

    The only “black swan” event that’s scarier is if/when the electricity went out long term


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