News about women in the military…

Women in the military is a big deal for some reason. It’s not like they weren’t getting captured and raped as far back as Desert Storm, and have been coming home in body bags for a while now. People used to think that when women started coming home in body bags that the American people wouldn’t stand for it. They were wrong, the only thing the American people won’t stand for is slow internet and digital rights management.

So here is the news roundup from around the world about women in the military, specifically women in combat roles.

First Female Combat Engineer goes AWOL:

Norwegian Military will not change nude bathing policy to accommodate female soldiers:

SecDef Ashton Carter orders the DOD to spend $150 Million freezing eggs (and sperm) to allow women to serve without having to make the difficult choice of rearing children in the prime of their life:

Two female British Soldiers show why we NEED women in the military, mainly to gain access to the female populations that we need to influence to achieve a political endstate:

The Netherlands takes the step of adding women to the ranks of potential conscripts: In the face of direct threats from Russia this is a stern response showing the deep commitment of the Dutch people (I jest). In reality the Dutch already told the Russians to “bugger off” and this is just part of their normal egalitarian society where they really do try to make everything equal to the point of insanity.

India puts women into service as border guards, along a border that has seen plenty of action between two nations:,/To/Guard/Sino-India/Border

And the Army and USMC make it official, women can now volunteer to break the glass ceiling by pounding sand and sucking in the mud. and

The reality of the situation is that integration has happened and will more than likely become the “new normal.” Sure you’ll have female troops go AWOL, but you’ll have male troops go AWOL too. I can’t predict the future with much certainty, but I can say that some military forces have managed to not lower standards (the Dutch set job standards by the job, not by sex, including their Special Forces).


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One Response to News about women in the military…

  1. B says:

    Yeah, I’ve noticed an up tick in the press 🙂
    Just talked with my father in law (ret army engineer) and he doesn’t suffer fools very well and he said he was training women for combat engineering back in 90’s. Ironically, they just hadn’t been slated for actual combat until recently. Really its just a war of platitudes. Everyone deserves a shot at whatever they wish to attempt but the bar for entrance, advancement or punishment should remain equal


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