The itch….

Every once in a while a man will get an itch to build something. Don’t know why, but it happens then next thing you know he’s out in the garage and his wife gets a new entertainment center or nightstand. In my case right now I’ve got the itch to build a new PC.

You see the warranty on enterprise gear is about three years, so right now all the 2013 top of the line gear is hitting eBay pretty hard. I priced out a dual Xeon board with processors, heat sinks, and IO plate can be had for less than 200 bucks. If you drop another 170 on an e-ATX case and power supply to put it in, you just need another 120 bucks in RAM to have a system with 24 logical processors and 24 gigs of RAM on hand. Load her up with Arch Linux and KVM or VirtualBox (or esxi from vmware) and you can set up your own virtual home lab for pretty cheap….

I don’t need another PC, but it’s been more than a few years since I assembled one. The last one I put together is serving as a media PC for the living room, which is a chore equally handled by a 40 dollar Android stick nowadays.

Then again, gun parts don’t lose their value as fast as PC parts do….

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2 Responses to The itch….

  1. B says:

    We all have vices. Building computers is one of the safe ones. In fact, with cloud computing, nuts and bolts computer building is destined to be a dead art.


  2. rthtgnbs says:

    There is no cloud, sadly it’s just someone else’s computer…

    But I doubt that building computers will be a dead art any time soon, it’s just becoming the “hot rodding” of the younger generation, with all sorts of wacky builds all built just to make better hardware test scores. The cloud still relies on bandwidth, so it isn’t yet feasible to remote into a gaming environment without excess lag.


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