Don’t trust the Government to protect your information

In this blog I’ve posted a number of times about encryption and privacy.

In the physical realm, we have the physical analog which is simply locks and keys. And the idea that a universal key that would be use only by the the good guys and only for emergencies is one that will still find supporters. Those supporters are fucking idiots.

Want to know why people who want to give government universal keys to everything for “just in case” are fucking idiots? Here’s why.

TSA approved keys to TSA approved locks, available to anyone for the taking:

New York City “master key” available for all to dublicate:

Now if that doesn’t explain why the FBI directors call for an “encryption backdoor” raises red flags for the people who are paying attention. To refresh your memory, this is the same FBI that has had their director publicly lobby to defeat encryption: and the same FBI that tried to do an end run around Congress to force Apple to provide a hacking tool to break the encryption on iPhones:

What does this mean to you? Well, the Social Security number was never intended to be used for identification, and the Patriot Act was only supposed to be used against terrorists. But now the SS number is identification and the Patriot Act is used to prosecute drug crimes.

The lesson is clear, the government cannot be trusted to keep a “special” tool in reserve for “extraordinary situations” because it is just too easy for the government to make everything an exception to the rule. If anyone would like to argue that we can trust the government to exercise restraint, please feel free as the comment section is open.

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One Response to Don’t trust the Government to protect your information

  1. DW says:

    Nice post and good info at some of the links. I am generally a linux and android guy as I like to customize and fully control my devices. For work I have to use windows, but there are ways to fix it, although win10 remains a work in progress. In any case backing apple 100% on this, so much so I went and bought an ipad just to put a few more coins in the apple coffers for support.

    I try to get friends & family to understand and “use” encryption but the majority just can’t be bothered and it’s that apathy that helps the feds ( and states ) to get away with this crap. It does drive me crazy, and now they admit that – yeah all that data the NSA is slurping up – we’re going to use it – screw your 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th amendments, we don’t care. It’s for the children and “public safety”. Whenever I hear those terms I know I am getting screwed by the gov’t.

    What really sticks in my craw is that Comey and the rest of the stazis’s running the show are supposed to be Americans and love this country. I just don’t get how they can live with themselves knowing that they are just f%cking us over on a daily basis. I am not a conspiracy guy, but I really think we are just cattle for the elites to use as they see fit. You having any luck getting friends and family fired up about these gov’t abuses? If so, please share.



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