Preparing for the worst

One of the fears at the back of ever prepper or survivalists mind is, “am I prepared for when my government comes for me?”

There are only four options really; fight, flight, freeze, or submit. You can either fight “the man” or you can run (which in itself is a form of fighting). You can “freeze” and try to blend in with the background, or you can make like the majority of Americans of Japanese descent and go to the camps.

The worst thing that can happen is a deliberate government extermination program for “undesirables” and finding yourself on the “undesirable” list. Anyone who says, “It can’t happen here” is whistling past the graveyard of history.

So if you are going to give yourself all four options, you need to be prepared to fight or flee. Freeze and submit generally don’t require much in the way of preparation.

For the “fight” option you need to have weapons. In this day in age a bow and arrow probably isn’t going to cut it even if you have the last name of “Rambo” or “Everdeen.” Your guns should be already off the books (in their own “freeze” or camouflaged state so to speak) and you should stock as much ammunition as you can for them.

Government confiscation of guns is already happening, in California and New York. Having access to arms means that you have the option to violently resist, even if you choose not to use it. You always have the choice to fight of course, but without adequate tools to do so your choice is simply suicide.

The “flee” tactic is dang near always combined later with a “freeze” or “fight” tactic. But if you are going to “flee” (or “bugout”) then you need to have a plan, and understand the follow on survival choices will depend on how well you can stay off the radar. pointed me to this: and it bears some very serious thought for those who might want to “disappear” or “go dark” at some point for their own survival.

I’d like to add to this discussion put forth by Schneir and Grugq. If you plan to disappear or go dark, do it BEFORE you draw the attention of a nation state security apparatus or agency. Here is a link to a completely outdated publication on manhunting; and do it in a way where you DON’T rely on ANYONE from your current “tribe” or social network. That is where people who hunt people will keep looking for YOU. At best your tribe can try to keep you one step ahead of the hunters, moving you to safe house after safe house, but eventually the raiders will come. They came to Abbottabad, they came for El Chapo. They will come, if you are a target.

At some point Edward Snowden is going to meet an appointment ending with a black bag over his head…..

For the “freeze” survival tactic to be successful you need to blend in so well with the background that the predator can’t find you. If you don’t flee, then your survival choice needs to be to blend in, go with the flow, be that member of the community that doesn’t have a reputation as a liberty loving gun nut, or shady criminal type. Don’t stand out, don’t be the tall nail that gets hammered. Don’t talk about your preps, don’t talk about your concerns with government over reach, don’t say anything that might raise suspicions.

The “submit” option is an option. You can go to the camps, and maybe even survive. You can go to prison, and maybe get out some day. In his time in Auschwitz, Primo Levi noted that the ones who were driven by hate didn’t last. Revenge won’t sustain you. The ones who kept hope, had loved ones they wanted to see again, had a better chance of survival. Submission is not pleasant, Randy Weaver submitted eventually. Had he worked harder to not be noticed it might not have come to that.

And make no mistake, even if you have done nothing wrong, you are still at risk of becoming a target for the government. We live in a country where your house can be seized so that it can be sold to a developer to magically increase the tax base. Kelo wasn’t the first time this has happened either, just normally it happens through re-zoning laws.

So be prepared. It’s the Boy Scout’s Marching Tune after all.

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One Response to Preparing for the worst

  1. B says:

    Only single people with no family have bug out as their number one choice. Bug in, blend in until they try bug spray, then bug out 🐜


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