Returning to the neglected…

For years the US Army neglected the field of Air Defense except for the Theater Ballistic Missile Defense mission. The assumption was that the USAF and US Navy would be able to achieve air superiority, and eventually air supremacy.

So with that in mind, how about this piece of news?

That’s a SAM launcher that sits on the back of an MTV truck. Kinda like a HIMARS system, except for Surface to Air instead of Surface to Surface.

The MML is mounted on a medium tactical vehicle. The launcher can rotate 360 degrees and elevate from 0-90 degrees. It consists of fifteen tubes, each of which can hold either a single large interceptor or multiple smaller interceptors.

That’s 15 to at least 30 missiles on the truck. That’s a pretty cool capability to have. And with the long shelf life of missiles (around ten years before being reconditioned or de-milled) this makes a perfect platform for the National Guard. It is a highly specialized combat skill that has an immediate homeland defense benefit, which will keep the capability in the inventory as a “strategic reserve.”

Unfortunately with the current draw down the National Guard is shrinking too. But a Company of these per state would be a huge benefit to the nation. Even if all they did was sit there in strategic reserve until they are replaced by something better in two or three decades, it’s something we don’t really have right now.


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2 Responses to Returning to the neglected…

  1. B says:

    Most of this is way over my pay grade but if it goes BOOM, then I say buy twice as much 😀


  2. Dick B says:

    During WWII the Brits installed AA rocket launchers on many of their ships, these were unguided
    barrage type rockets and they had some impact on Luftwaffe’s enthusiasm for bombing big boats. Germans copied the idea for their ships and ‘defended locations’ with smaller success, but it did keep the Typhoons a little higher and made ’em make faster runs. Knowing Ivan had
    bunches of truck mounted launchers and knowing the Chapparal system was headed for the exit.
    I drew up several proposals for MLRS to fire SAM; Multirail launchers for trucks, etc and those
    went through the Bennie Sugg system. I mean literally drew them up, and wrote preliminary specs – I was in the trade for a while – and . . . naturally never heard anything from any of them.

    As a an old mossback, it pleases me that ARMY has finally recognized that OOSAF ain’t gonna
    be where you want ’em to be, when you want ’em there.


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