The Panama Papers do not validate the NSA

This is perhaps the dumbest headline and article I’ve read in a while:

Imagine how stupid it is to say, “Government is corrupt, so we need more government to fix that!” And realize that is exactly the argument that the NSA is needed because a series of documents, leaked by an insider, with financial records GOING BACK DECADES, that the NSA has not commented on publicly or even leaked off the record about, is justification for a government agency dictating you can’t encrypt your laptop or phone.

I think “non sequitor” means “that doesn’t follow” and quite clearly here, the Panama Papers have absolutely nothing to do with the NSA.

Governments are quite happy to let other governments, multinational corporations, ultra wealthy individuals, have funny money games going on in Panama. Quite literally there is a compelling reason to keep all the bad actors doing business in one place, and that is because it makes it really damn easy to keep track of them until you need to use that information to do something. If not Panama, then it would be Hong Kong or Shanghai, or the Caymans, or Switzerland.

Had the US Government wanted “The Panama Papers” all it would need to do is the traditional spycraft of “find a worker that you can leverage, and have them get you what you desire.” No need to make encryption illegal especially when these traditional analog “rubber hose” type tactics will get you what you want.

Seriously, making ALL of us less secure in our digital lives is not going to then in turn make us all more secure as a consequence. It’s like anyone really lobbying for FBI and NSA authorities to force corporations and individuals to compromise security on their behalf isn’t even trying to make a coherent argument anymore, simply begging the public to please please please believe that the Government won’t fuck it up like it did every time before.

It’s like the shills are abusive boyfriends saying, “Why do you make me take you to court to do our job for us? You know we don’t like it when you make us hit you baby.”

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1 Response to The Panama Papers do not validate the NSA

  1. dw says:

    Spot on post about panama papers & the nsa linkage.

    Love the last paragraph – you might have just written the most perfect metaphor for our facist government and their agencies that enslave us.


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