All your encryptionz are belonging to us….

Man I wish people wouldn’t say stupid things in public about open source software…

US District Attorney for Eastern Michigan Barbara McQuade: “I think it would be reasonable to ban the import of open-source encryption software” #UMichTalks

You want to do display your ignorance of technolgy? Cause that’s how you display ignorance of technology (and your ignorance about the absolute requirements for encryption in the payment card industry and why the Office of Personnel Management really SHOULD have used encryption).

Really this ticks me off because it is like they actually expect us to respect their opinion and obey the laws they want passed. Remember folks, dance like no one is watching, but encrypt like everyone is.

Pass a law banning foreign encryption? Neither reasonable, nor doable. When a microSD card can hold every current open source encryption scheme on the planet, there is no stopping the signal. And if it is open source, there is no way to prevent a domestic programmer from using their freedom of speech to implement that encryption scheme in a domestic product for domestic consumption. And unless the government is going to put itself into the business of requiring key escrow for all uses (a REALLY bad idea and one that is not Constitutionally defensible) utterly pointless.

One of these days I’ll get back to blogging about fun stuff like guns and reloading. I promise.

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1 Response to All your encryptionz are belonging to us….

  1. B says:

    I’m sure we’ll all hold you to that promise just as soon as our world turns back right side up


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