Training for civil unrest is like emergency medicine…

Firehand pointed this out, and I wanted to address this news with some context.

In Europe there is always the danger of civil unrest. Soccer hooligans, unhappy minority neighborhoods, deliberate riots caused by a foreign intelligence service (FSB anyone?). Europe is a very civilized continent, mostly, with some less than totally civilized neighbors and imported citizens. For a recent example:

So is the “militarization of police” something citizens should worry about, talk about, and have plenty of public scrutiny? Yes, completely yes. However, the same things that make a highly proficient paramilitary security agency a necessity should also be discussed and monitored with the same intensity. I personally think that community policing along Robert Peel’s guidelines is about the best to prevent civil unrest, but as we saw in Crimea and Donetsk, sometimes there are bad actors who will intentionally cause civil unrest.

It isn’t a perfect world we live in, which is why we have police in the first place, and sometimes their job requires more than a friendly smile. However that additional capability should never replace the friendly officer who works the same community for years.

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