Business Idea…

It may be stupid to share a business idea over the internet, but what the heck. Do you think there is enough of a market for nitrided chrome moly (4140 ordnance steel) slow twist 3 groove barrels in 30 cal, 8mm, 338, and 358 caliber to launch high BC gas checked cast bullets?  Obviously if you wanted the chamber nitrided as well you would have to finish chamber the barrel before nitriding, which means long chambering for rifles that get the headspace set on installation (Rem700, Mauser98, Win70, etc) but much easier for barrel nut head spacing (Savage, Marlix X series).

We are talking SLOW, one twist per 14 or 15 inches, which would limit the regular jacketed bullets to the lighter end of the spectrum. But, in order to get good accuracy from cast bullets at velocities needed for long distance, you either need to go the old “Buffalo Hunter” loads which are big bore and heavy, or you need to have a slow twist to avoid reaching the “RPM threshold” where you spin those cast bullets too fast.

And you don’t gain much for going cast, a high BC 30 cal bullet weighing in at 198gr as cast will have a BC just over a 147gr FMJ but quite a bit less than a 168 SMK. The only benefit is being able to cast as many bullets as you want from whatever alloy you want.

Right now if you want a nitride a barrel you can, but it’s costly for a one off. The benefit is an extremely hard corrosion resistant surface over the steel. This would be for those “end of the world” rifles, and cast bullet accuracy competitions of course, but it would be a barrel that could resist corrosion from improvised primers and still give good accuracy with “end of the world” components when mounted on to a suitably robust bolt action receiver.

So thoughts? My initial impression is that it is such a niche market where bullet caster, prepper, and home gunsmith come together that I could finance a run of a 20 barrels and wait years before selling the last one, but I thought I’d ask just in case someone out there has a different point of view.

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  1. B says:

    I believe in trying anything once and some things twice. It has caused some failed ventures but also amazing gains. Perhaps a schematic and a simple napkin scribbled budget might by enough information to decide if any idea is worthy. Other times it’s entering a contract and sacrificing your sweat, blood and treasure. The barrel seems reasonable, the question is price point. I suggest go luxury, sell smaller volume. Improve the quality and turn around time or customization to justify cost. How many $1500 barrels do you need to sell vs $150. How many competitors are selling $150 barrels vs $1500 barrels etc


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