From the “pass the popcorn” department…

Victims of the planned parenthood shooting two years ago are suing planned parenthood for not protecting their lives and safety….

One one hand, the courts have long ruled that the police have no duty to protect you as you are responsible for your own safety. On the other hand, Planned Parenthood did implement a gun free zone, and in doing do took away from patrons and staff the most effective means of self defense against an armed attacker.

Other gun bloggers have said that this case has the potential to end “gun free zones” if the suit is successful. I disagree, but only because the burden to shift liability is pretty low. Had the Planned Parenthood facility used “best practices” for security such as an armed guard, double doors with a mantrap, and automatic lockdown doors, they could make the credible defense that they have a gun free zone because they have taken steps to ensure the safety of staff and patrons.

After all, the lawsuit basically accuses PP of doing nothing to protect them, and they are correct. But that doesn’t mean the same as “once one corporation loses a law suit all other gun free zone signs will come down.”

Comments are open, have at it.

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1 Response to From the “pass the popcorn” department…

  1. DW says:

    At this point in time, given the amount of data now available concerning “gun free zones (GFZ)” and their clear failure to protect anyone, I am not sure how any lawsuit could be mounted claiming that a GFZ failed to protect someone. I know the judicial system is as corrupt as the rest of our government, but a decent attorney could easily present a ton of evidence showing the failure of GFZ’s and thus reliance by an individual on it for protection would demonstrate a complete lack of common sense. ( Not that common sense and the current judicial system have any correlation ).

    However since the PC judicial system and government do not want to stop the proliferation of GFZ’s, it’s more likely that PP’s defense will be that the issue is not the GFZ’s failure, but the lack of more gun control to prevent GFZ violations by citizen-serfs.

    Regardless of the outcome of the lawsuit and the idiocy of GFZ’s, I don’t see GFZ’s going away anytiime soon.


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