One of the dangerous myths of gun control, anti-rights activists is to say that guns are useless because the government has tanks, planes, drones, aircraft carriers, and attack helicopters.

It is true that the government owns all of those things. Which is clearly why we won in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan against those insurgencies. Wait, you mean we didn’t “win?” and eventually people with little more than guns and whatever outside support they could get would outlast a superpower and make them eventually just throw their hands up in the air and say, “This war shit is expensive, I’m taking my troops and going home.”

Yeah, insurgencies suck. And the quickest way to start an insurgency is to crack down on the civilian population. Political protests are healthy, freedom for individuals is healthy. When the government starts rounding people up and confiscating firearms, there is resistance. Even in places where “gun control” worked, like Nazi Germany, China, and the Soviet Union, it was useful only because of “in grouping” and “out grouping” certain minorities. “Well, we certainly don’t want ‘THOSE PEOPLE’ to have guns, so we’ll give ours up so the State can go in and kill them if they don’t give up theirs!!!” Is exactly what happened.

Gun control is all about political power. This is why you hear the anti-rights activists “out grouping” those “damn rednecks in flyover country.” That is why Donald Trump is part of the national election scene, because so much of the country has been “out grouped” from the national media conversation between Manhattan and L.A. that people are in the “primal scream” level of political participation. The fact that Donald Trump has managed to convince so many people that he isn’t a Northeast Liberal is a rather amazing feat of showmanship and propaganda.

Sometimes the problem with knowing history is knowing it will be repeated, and that people will wrongly attribute “cause” and “effect.” The Left likes to point out the prosperity of the 1950s despite very high taxes, without putting it into historical context where we’d just bombed the crap out of the rest of the world’s factories. This is why they dance in the blood of the victims and play up the sympathy card as best they can, because there is no rational argument to support disarming the law abiding.

As someone with time in Iraq and Afghanistan, I can think of no worse fate for the United States than an organic insurgency started by government oppression. Because people don’t stop fighting for freedom until they’ve achieved it. Just ask the British.

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1 Response to Resistance…

  1. B says:

    Yeah, I haven’t been as concerned about reaching a breaking point as I am this year. I think the pump is primed for violence. No matter what the outcome, they’ll be a whole lotta folks super pissed off come election time. At this point, it’ll be a miracle that no blood is spilled. I say that without even factoring in radical terror 😛


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