Cheap Guns….

Oleg Volk is a bit of a celebrity in the gun world, and his newest post on the book of face involving a cheap, Hi-Point 9mm pistol (the C9) is bewildering…

The Hi-Point has always been about putting a product onto market at a certain price point. Right now that price point is about the same as a second hand Taurus in 9mm. That would be a great debate to watch, Hi-Point fan bois squaring off against Taurus defenders, but seriously it’s like 200 bucks worth of low end pistol at this time.

But… and there is a big but here… You can generally get a Hi-Point to go “bang” every time. You can generally say the same for a Taurus.

But I don’t like things that feel cheap, and ARE cheap. If you are going to spend 200 bucks on a new Hi-Point, save for a few more weeks or months and get a decent used Glock. I have exactly one use for a Hi-Point pistol, and that is to be cached in a place where I might need a pistol if I’m ever on the run and need a pistol to kill someone to get a better weapon. I honestly do trust a Hi-Point to work if I seal it up right, and then retrieve it years later (honestly I have more worries about the ammunition I’d store with it).

So even if I don’t like them, there is definitely utility in them. And I don’t want to come off as a gun snob (seriously shoot what you like within your budget), but outside of the scenario where a Hi-Point is the only pistol you can afford RIGHT NOW and you really need a pistol RIGHT NOW I wouldn’t recommend one.

My advice? Shop around, check the classifieds, take advantage of someone else paying retail so you can buy used. Even if you get a used Hi-Point you can get it for cheaper than retail. And if you can get it legally without papers, so much the better. Maybe then you can seal one up, and bury it along with some ammunition for an emergency…

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