Muslim immigrants…

In the last week there has been a no shit I kid you not “axe” attack on a Bavarian train, leaving twenty wounded. As someone more eloquent than me, (I believe Firehand) said, “evidently ‘allahu akbar’ means ‘my motives shall ever remain mysterious’.”

Today, a shooting at a mall in Munich, which is also in Bavaria. No details of who is doing the shooting have been released, but the Islamic State has already cheered the shooting and some tweets asked for protection for “our Islamic State men.”

That sound you hear? That’s Angela Merkl’s career being fitted for a coffin.

With the Brexit firmly in the “ancient history” of two weeks ago and the truck attack in Nice, the axing in Bavaria, and now this, expect once again for the twenty four hour news cycle to be “all terror, all the time.”

ISIS is a brilliant group when it comes to manipulating the media. The more they can get their attacks published, the more passive sympathizers they can recruit into active participants.

But for all that liberals would like to curb “senseless gun violence” by going after gun owners (remember how very different the terrorist attacks on a cartoonist meeting in Texas was compared to the San Bernadino attack) they will absolutely NEVER go after any reasonable restrictions on the press. Even though putting a mandatory cool down period on any news story involving violence would actually help avoid “copy cat killers” because those copy cats wouldn’t get triggered into action in the first place.

It’s a mess, and if the current western regime is to fall, it’s not too far a step back from now to an Imperial Europe dotted with Fascist states.

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One Response to Muslim immigrants…

  1. B says:

    After the attack in Nice, I suggest we ban trucks in the USA. It’s a mad house here in the states. Trucks driving all over the place willy-nilly. It’s bedlam waiting to happen. The potential death is staggering… Clearly you’re cool off period idea is wonderful. Perhaps we make verbalizing a thought require a “stamp”. Oooo, yeah we could issue really cool badges to citizens to express oneself. After they pay for a license and take a class of course. You know, in fact, as I say that… women ought to clear their vote past the eldest male relation or a state sanctioned official, of course for a small fee. Hmmm, I think we’re on a roll here. I love brainstorming solutions!


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