Why Hiroshima and Nagasaki weren’t terrorism

People are stupid. In this case the asshats at “Free Though Project” have gone full retard and posted this handy little meme…


Now I may not be the smartest man in any given conversation, but that is officially the dumbest thing I’ve seen in a while.

But, for the sake of explaining exactly how retarded and asinine that point is, lets roll back the history books a little further.

The Japanese people were directly responsible for getting the United States involved in WWII. The US objected to the Japanese Imperial goals and conquest of neighboring nations such as China, and unequivocally used diplomatic and economic pressure to get Japan off the warpath and inside its own borders. Japan chose to attack, and then Japan refused to surrender the same way it refused to give up its claims in China.

The bombing of the Japanese people was the right and moral action, and using nuclear weapons caused no more deaths than the firebombing of the sixty plus other cities in Japan we bombed trying to convince them to surrender. This is a nation that had a firebombing raid on Tokyo that killed more people than either Hiroshima or Nagasaki on the 9th of March 1945 in “Operation Meetinghouse”, and they did not surrender.

The “last ditch defense” plans were being put into place. Even grenades made from fired clay and filled with black powder were being put together. This was a nation that would not submit. They did not submit after the first bomb, they did not submit immediately after the second bomb. Only after Russia began nibbling away at its northern territory did the Japanese leadership realize that it couldn’t defend against two superpowers and defeat was inevitable. The only choice was surrender.

And they did. And hundreds of thousands of American and Japanese citizens lived because Japan finally surrendered.

And THAT is why dropping nukes on Japan was not an act of terrorism. It was an act design to end a war, not start it. The “Free Thought Project” will probably move on to yet another idiotic attack on western history in the name of unsupportable social justice.

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One Response to Why Hiroshima and Nagasaki weren’t terrorism

  1. B says:

    I also noticed that”FTP” didn’t mention how we dropped millions on leaflets on the Japanese telling them when were going to bomb them, how big the bomb was, begging civilians to leave those cities and how we didn’t want any civilian casualties. On the flip side, they “FTP” forgot to mention how the Shinto military mindset made events like the Bataan style marches and beheading competitions a regular occurrence. Lord help us, we are entering a very dark part of our history again. Maybe the worst ever….keep your powder dry 😛


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