Movie Review: Mechanic Resurrection

Quick Summary: Over the hill action star Jason Statham has been found living the good life in Brazil. Cue acrobatic fight scene and boat explosion. Over the hill action star Jason Statham has unnecessary backstory filling scenes with over the hill Michelle Yeoh before over the hill Lolita Jessica Alba comes in as the complicated love interest. Completely unnecessary love scene, contrived kidnapping that everyone knew was coming. Enter evil bad guy mastermind in Bangkok (seriously, why does it always have to be Bangkok?), and the Mechanic is forced back into action to kill really bad people on the order of a really bad person in order to save over the hill Lolita character.

That’s pretty much three quarters of the movie right there, and despite a strong opening of fight scenes and explosions, it bogs down hard really quickly. The last quarter of the movie features Tommy Lee Jones. The only excellent performance performance for pushing ancient Tommy Lee Jones is evident because he steals every single scene he’s in. Seriously. The editors should have cut the romance scenes, cut the backstory with Yeoh and Alba, concentrated on the blackmail and cut to the killing and boat explosions. Yes, at least three boat explosions not counting dingys or life boats.

All in all, a mostly forgettable film. Fine for pizza and beer and you just want to watch something, but it flounders like sequels often do. Recommend you watch the original Charles Bronson version of “The Mechanic” and then the Statham remake back to back instead.

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