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Americans are scary, Brits are ignorant…

Unless they ever take this post down, Americans will always wonder at how neutered the British men have become… You want to know what is hilarious? This particular gem right here: What is truly epic is that the author … Continue reading

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Giving up freedom for security only means less freedom, not more security…

“We need these programs to keep America safe! If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.” Are some of the phrases we’ve heard justifying the surveillance state. The problem is that this sort of “magical thinking” that … Continue reading

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Fifteen Years

Fifteen years that I have served in an Army at war. Where did the time go?

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2016, the year the Republic died.

I believe that historians will look back at 2016 as the year that the Republic died. This year the FBI and Attorney General showed the hypocrisy of not prosecuting gross mishandling of sensitive information by not prosecuting Hillary Clinton. But … Continue reading

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Labor Day

Unions like to take credit for Labor Day, but the origins are less than clear. Even the Department of Labor historical section doesn’t know the truth, save that it did start out as a State holiday and became a Federal … Continue reading

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Will people pay for “authentic”?

The answer is, sometimes. A friend from college, ages ago, married a man who started a coffee shop. The man is a genius at coffee. Designed and built his own roaster, buys shade grown fair trade beans from farmers he’s … Continue reading

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