Labor Day

Unions like to take credit for Labor Day, but the origins are less than clear. Even the Department of Labor historical section doesn’t know the truth, save that it did start out as a State holiday and became a Federal Holiday.

And the first weekend in September helps fill the dearth of Holidays between the 4th of July and “Columbus Day” in October (or as the Social Justice Warrior crowd like, “Indigenous Person Genocide Day”). August is the last month of the year without an official Federal Holiday (March, April, and June are the other months). But March has Saint Paddy’s Day, April has Patriots Day, and June has “oh thank God the school year has ended!” so they aren’t exactly a dearth of days off for many people.

But, Labor Day was always a day for enjoying time off, maybe holding a parade to celebrate the laborers and tradesmen who make our nation great through their individual and collective effort. It wasn’t ever meant to be a day of somber reflection like Memorial Day, or a day to thank people for their service like Veterans Day, or a day to celebrate freedom like Independence day.

As a freedom loving fellow, a bit of a “small l” libertarian, I have no problem with people banding together to collectively bargain if they choose to do so. I have a very big problem with laws forcing people to join organizations that they do not wish to, whether that be a union or a health care collective, or even sending your child to a particular school. If an idea is so good that it has to be mandatory, it isn’t a good idea.

Enjoy today, if you have the day off. Appreciate the men and women who work with their hands making stuff, fixing stuff, and putting their effort into our great economic miracle that is the United States.

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