Americans are scary, Brits are ignorant…

Unless they ever take this post down, Americans will always wonder at how neutered the British men have become…

You want to know what is hilarious? This particular gem right here:


What is truly epic is that the author is so ignorant that the object on a string next to the “lethal sharpie” isn’t a rape whistle, or whatever British men are carrying these days to protect the gentler and fairer sex…

No sparky, it’s a Gerber GDC Zip knife. The blade may only be 0.68 inches long, but that’s just fine for opening boxes and whatever else an administrative assistant needs to do in Scotland these days…

The pen may be mightier than the sword, but in this case the idiot at wasn’t armed with facts, only hysteria. I wonder if he soiled his trousers….

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2 Responses to Americans are scary, Brits are ignorant…

  1. B says:

    Hell, as far as I can tell the urbanprepper in NYC (only three blades) is neutered, that Scot has undergone a complete sex change 😛


  2. Dick B says:

    When I was a Sailor, the Canucks would pull in to Norfolk, and there would be a great scrum
    that night on Granby Street . . . Beer, Broads and Bruises all around.
    When I was a Soldier, there was a joint in the Pine woods, pine straw floor, wood wire reels and
    boxes for seats, light strung from the trees and a 5kw generator popping away. Ft Bragg meets
    Camp LeJeune at Brawley’s. Couldn’t break anything, so the scuffles would be freeform and
    fun. Was no closing time, guys just passed out or got dumped in the bed of somebody’s truck.
    Just guys, no babes.Thoroughly entertaining weekend.
    What the Hell happened???????????


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