Power, speed, protection…pick any two…

The Army is getting heavier. The Airborne forces are working to get more air drop capable prime movers, and “mobile protected firepower” however that turns out. The JLTV is replacing a bunch of HMMWV variants. The 2nd Cavalry Regiment in Germany will be getting 30mm Stryker variants that utterly ignore the “C-130 transportable” requirement of the original Stryker concept (which makes a certain amount of sense, 2nd Cav can literally drive anywhere in Europe faster than the Air Force could lift them by Hercy Bird one at a time).

Even the Armored Brigade Combat Teams are getting heavier, with the AMPV replacing the legacy M113 fleet. Bigger, heavier, better armor…

What does this mean? Well, it means the Army is gearing up for another land fight, but this time against someone who is also heavy. The two other big dogs on the block are China and Russia. There isn’t much of a possibility of a land war against China right now, but that doesn’t mean that India isn’t keeping  a watchful eye on its borders.

What it also means is that as the Army sheds personnel at the rate of 2 to 3 Brigades worth of combat power every year in order to meet Congress’ budget requirements, the Army is gearing up for a fight because having a smaller Army makes it more likely you’ll have to use that Army. Historically speaking, for some reason foreign countries start wars when the US Army is small, and the US starts wars when the US Army is large, although there are exceptions such as Desert Storm.

So who knows what the future will hold? Whether we are entering the next chapter of the “war on terror” or simply going to Cold War 2.0 remains to be seen.

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1 Response to Heavier…

  1. B says:

    The Russians have already said we are in a war. They just completed a few day nuclear drill with forty million of its citizenry. They announced today that any students in their country need to leave soon, not next month soon but like next week soon.
    Meanwhile back in the batcave the dynamic duo running for prez act like nothing to see here. Unless of course you’re referring to the unicorns and rainbows that emit from their nether regions.
    I’ve taken to popping popcorn for the news these days and just holding steady until the clowns go back in their car. That’s the point we can begin measuring the excrement as it impacts the oscillation device…


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