The October Surprise That Wasn’t

Unless Senator Harry Reid has some “explosive” evidence other than the thoroughly debunked email server outlined in Slate, the “breaking story” of DNS information linking Trump to Alfabank is simply another point of evidence that 1) reporters and editors don’t bother with fact checking when a story could possibly hurt a (nominal) Republican, 2) reporters don’t know crap about science or technology.

In case you missed it, a copy of Senator Reid’s letter to FBI Director Comey can be found here:

and the Slate (oh Slate, you never disappoint in your constant need to shill..)

Rather quickly the collective tech world sounded like the old lady in the commercial who says, “That’s not how that works, that’s not how ANY of this works!”

I really have no love for Trump (or Clinton) but one would think that the last thing the Democratic Party Mouthpiece mainstream media would want to bring up is an email server…

But we live in the age of the ignorant writing opinions to influence the uninformed. I really hope that doesn’t apply to this blog….

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2 Responses to The October Surprise That Wasn’t

  1. B says:

    “… the age of the ignorant writing opinions to influence the uninformed…” And now I leave my comment. Modern humans are living life in a post fact, 140 character meme. Your blog is a way to pass the time while we wait until the meteor to hits us. I voted today, now I am drinking heavily. Thanks for sharing the ride down with me (us)


  2. DW says:

    Again you are spot on with the diagnosis. I am not surprised that the MSM are ignorant as to how things work technically on the internet, but it is sad how ignorant they are. And yet they spout reports without having any understanding of what they are reporting on or any regard for the accuracy of the report.

    If there has been any upside to this election year, hopefully more people are now more aware of the state of journalism or more accurately the “lack of journalism” in the US now.

    What really disturbs me more are my millennial friends and my nieces and nephews. I am a good typist, but I suck typing out a text message on my phone. They can bang out a text message with their two thumbs with amazing speed! But when I discuss with them ip protocols and network issues, they look at me like I am speaking Klingon. They can punch buttons on that phone like it’s no ones business, but they don’t have a clue about the underlying technology.

    I try whenever I have an opportunity to teach them about how a car works or repair it, get them to work on things with me, like their home network. It’s frustrating as there seems to be a lack of interest. Uncle Dave, I just put the key in, press on, turn the wheel, press the gas, press the icon – stuff automatically works – why do you want to bore me with these things? This is a failure of education on many levels, but I guess it’s what the powers that be want. An ignorant electorate.

    Good lord, it’s depressing at times.


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