The impact of information operations on the American Public

Please remember these two quotes, they come in handy in daily life.

“There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.” ― Søren Kierkegaard

People are stupid. They will believe a lie because they want to believe it’s true, or because they are afraid it might be true.” – Terry Goodkind

The current election is a good lesson in information operations, and the consequences of IO on a public body. I guess there is no telling how long these videos will be on youtube, but I think they are worth watching in order to ask yourself “how did it get to this point?” and “what told these people that these behaviors were ok?”

Anti Trump voter violence…

Mother shames her 11 year old son, gives him “I voted for Trump” sign and kicks him out of the

High school students attacking another Trump supporting teen…

Middle schoolers chanting “build a wall” 

Is everybody still with me? These people, otherwise rational human beings, have been consumers of a deliberate information operations campaign to elect Hillary Clinton. The “mainstream media” acted like “Russia Today” or “Sputnik News” to constantly feed the narrative that Trump was a racist, homophobic, misogynist and anyone who votes for him is a racist, homophobic, misogynist too. That some of the IO is true only makes it more effective.

While it seems funny to savor the tears of the defeated, I’m not sure that it is productive. Funny as hell to be sure, but not productive.

After all, conservatives have also been subject to an almost unending stream of information operations designed to reinforce their beliefs about how horrible a person Hillary Clinton is. That some of the IO there is true only makes it more effective. After all, the success of a good IO campaign in the modern interwebs is to simply find some sensational story with emotional touchpoints, then amplify the signal to people who will also amplify the signal. Use the echo chamber of opinion to reinforce your preferred narrative and eventually you can get people to riot, like Russia did in Germany:

Or, like the anti-Trump riots going down in the cities…the cities that overwhelmingly voted for Hillary. It isn’t rational of course, but the purpose of an IO campaign is to get people so emotionally invested in a particular course of action that they cannot think rationally about alternatives.

Now, ask yourself this. What if the people who were feeding IO deliberately to the Liberals and Conservatives didn’t have any particular end goal in mind except to eventually set the stage for a civil war in the United States of America? Honestly it wouldn’t matter how long it would take, but doing so would effectively take the USA off the world stage for several years at least.

If you google “anti hispanic election Trump” the first return is, which is one of several english news agencies that serves up propaganda at the behest of the Kremlin. Putin really didn’t care who won this election, he wins as long as America fights itself, instead of his global influence ambitions.

That, ladies and gentlemen, may seem like a conspiracy theory because I can’t prove it to be true to you and it requires this massive apparatus of people behind the scenes. However, people in the business of IO, psychological operations, and deception will back me up on this: ; (pdf) and (pdf).

So what makes good IO? It plays to peoples pre-conceived notions, ideas, beliefs, and values. What does it accomplish? It further engages people to transition from “passive supporter” to “active supporter” and from “active supporter” to “activist.”

ISIS or Daesh does the exact same thing against the “moderate Muslim” population in order to turn people who are “neutral” into “passive supporters” and “passive supporters” into “active supporters” and eventually turn “active supporters” into “terrorists.”

Now that you’ve read this, you should ask yourself whether or not I’m attempting to “inform you” about things, or “influence you” to change your behavior. I’d like to think that this post is purely an “inform” post, but as we say in the business, “you can’t inform without influence.”

But you can learn to spot the pieces that are designed to influence you. 1, they rely on some sort of emotional response (generally fear or anger). 2, they simplify complex matters into a binary “us/them” situation. 3, they are targeted against a specific group (english speakers, ethnic minorities, etc). 4, they make the “us” group seem like the righteous victim and the “other” as immoral predators.

If you have those elements, odds are dang good that it is propaganda you are reading. How many times did the mainstream media run a story about the KKK or North Korea endorsing Donald Trump? Why did they do that? For the same reason that the MSM kept bringing up the Westboro Baptist Church, to scare the LGBTQ community into thinking that all Christians hated them and only the Democratic party would stand up to the Republican war on individual rights.

If the IO campaign against America succeeds, it will likely be a civil war. There is no downside for Russia to continue the campaign against the west, and the political “elite” who understand that a “socialist paradise” can never come into fruition in the USA without another civil war also have nothing to lose. Crazy huh?

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One Response to The impact of information operations on the American Public

  1. B says:

    Yeah, the great work has really taken shape. Those who are plotting to cause chaos are being controlled by those who want to bring order ab chao. In fact you could kinda say it would be a new world order but hey, only nut jobs and ruby ridge kinda people believe that stuff. Go back to sleep America, nothing to see here, oh look kardashian squirrel….


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