New York Journalist Advocates Civil War

Actually he wrote a piece explaining ways that he thinks Hillary Clinton could still take the white house, and said tongue in cheek that he didn’t really want to see that happen.

You must appreciate the irony though, as the man who wrote this:

What if Hillary Clinton voters took up arms against all of Trump’s voters? Sure, it’s civil war again, but this one we can win — after all, there are millions moreof us than there are of them.

Also wrote this:

Not in my hands. I’ve shot pistols before, but never something like an AR-15. Squeeze lightly on the trigger and the resulting explosion of firepower is humbling and deafening (even with ear protection).

The recoil bruised my shoulder, which can happen if you don’t know what you’re doing. The brass shell casings disoriented me as they flew past my face. The smell of sulfur and destruction made me sick. The explosions — loud like a bomb — gave me a temporary form of PTSD. For at least an hour after firing the gun just a few times, I was anxious and irritable.

The guy in question is Gersh Kuntzman, who is convinced that after his brief familiarization with an AR15 somehow he and his “millions of others” could win a civil war against Trump voters.

Let me put this clearly, “Gersh, you aren’t even a competent journalist, what in the world makes you think you could soldier?” Seriously Gersh, I’m sure you’d have no problem with the level of tactical planning to commit the crime of murder but I’m much less confident in your ability to use violence to impose your political will on others?

Remember what Vladimir Lenin said, “A man with a gun can control a hundred without.” Also remember what Chairman Mao said, “Political power comes from the barrel of a gun.”

So is America ready for Clinton supporters to start the second American Civil War? No, the vast majority of Clinton or Trump voters lack the particular characteristics of charisma, leadership, and military skill that would allow an effective military force to be carved out of a rather random civilian population. Our civil war was fought when States pulled out, and took their military professionals with them, this sort of “civilian on civilian” civil war is more in line with the Balkans or the Middle East. It is the sort of fight that lasts generations, and both Hillary and Trump would die of old age before the conflict resolved.

I don’t have much praise for Clinton, but I do believe she knows that a civil war isn’t a viable path to power for her.

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1 Response to New York Journalist Advocates Civil War

  1. B says:

    Hahaha, his tears get tastier every time I read that statement about PTSD… Sadly, as one half of the population is waking up after being complicit for the last 8 years, another goes to sleep to the flip flop, back tracking and all around continuation towards the great globalist work


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