The Mob

Not the Mafia, but the mob of angry people. And specifically how that angry mob can lash out through social media on the drop of a post…

Ok, everyone put on your remembering caps and can ANYONE give me the name of Cecil the Lion’s killer without using Google? Anyone? Sure people will remember he was a “rich dentist” but I had to Google his name myself, frankly because I never thought that sport hunting should be reason to unleash the fury of the angry mob on anyone.

For what it is worth, his name is Walter Palmer, and he’s still a rich white dentist, and I still don’t give a rats ass that he had 45,000 dollars of expendable income to spend on killing a lion (which was determined by the country of Zimbabwe that he had not committed a crime).

Fast forward today, and another white guy is making the social media news rounds…a guy named “Coleman Bonner” who shot is mouth on social media.


Well…it turns out that the initial reaction of the “angry mob” was enough to track Coleman Bonner down, dox his statement to his employer, and get him fired. The difference between Coleman Bonner and Walter Palmer is that Coleman is not a millionaire dentist with three homes and a trophy wife. Coleman Bonner was a grease monkey at a oil change garage and was lucky to be engaged to a woman more attractive than he is. Whether the marriage happens now or not remains to be seen.

Now “sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander” and I’m all for equality, so I can’t complain about the angry mob going after a lion killer who broke no laws and had his life ruined for a rather short period of time just as much as I can’t complain about the fellas over at ARfdotcom who went after Coleman who also didn’t break any laws by exercising his 1st amendment right to free (if not wise) speech. This is the world we live in, and these are the hands we’re given, so play ’em the best you can.

Anyone interested in the thread over at ARf,–Liberal-D-Bag-that-stepped-on-his-d-ck-on-Facebook.html

And anyone interested in finding out that some idiots just can’t let go of the Walter Palmer story: and look at some of those yelp reviews…

Is it right? No. But it is the reality of sharing your life on social media. There is a reason that this blog doesn’t have a “contact the author” publicly available email address. Learned that lesson the hard way posting something someone didn’t like. But maybe in the future citizens will not have to fear a business coming after them for a bad review but only fear the angry mob:

I really hope that President Obama signs the online consumer protection act, because all the drama that Fireclean has put Andrew Tuohy of Vuurwapen blog fame has made it clear that the first amendment doesn’t stop frivolous lawsuits. As of the time of this posting, this was Andrew’s latest update on the Fireclean legal battle:


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  1. B says:

    If it look like extra virgin, smells like extra virgin and tastes like extra virgin it’s probably olive oil…. Unless of course you’re talking about using a rapid increase in volume to release energy in an extreme manner to induce death and gain entrance into heaven kinda extra virgin. In which case I believe you get 40 extra virgins 😀


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