A heckuva monday, 19DEC2016

Man what a day we had…Donald Trump is pending inauguration. Kinda dodged a civil war there, the only faithless electoral voters were Democrats from Washington who plugged in some votes for Colin Powell and Faith Spotted Eagle and some Republicans from Texas who added Ron Paul and John Kasich to the list.

Bottom line…Trump still won, civil war averted, WWIII still a concern.

Berlin…we knew it was only a matter of time before Islamist Terrorists targeted the Christmas Markets. This year Octoberfest dodged the bullet (Munich having learned the hard way about hardening public events decades ago with the Olympics) but a repeat of the Nice attacks was bound to happen sooner or later. There are lot more big trucks or “lorries” out there than massive bombs, and the death tolls are getting to be quite comparable. The Germans are a very tolerant people, but Angela Merkel has already started making “hard right” policy turns because tolerance only goes so far.

Ankara… The world was on edge today as a Turkish Islamist Terrorist shot the Russian Ambassador to Turkey. The fragmented public statements from various Russian leaders range from “It’s a deliberate attack by NATO security forces” to “This is an attack on the relationship between Russia and Turkey and we will retaliate against the Syrian terrorists who had anything to do with it.” Essentially Russia released every possible position that could be of use to it later, and will likely support one of the statements with action at some time. Right now it looks like they are going to blame terrorists in order to gain more credibility on the international stage as an ally in the war on terrorism.

You ever hear the phrase, “After the avalanche has started, the pebbles no longer have a say.”? Well right now some pebbles better be doing their damndest to not let an avalanche start.

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1 Response to A heckuva monday, 19DEC2016

  1. B says:

    You’re post about feeling anxious in large crowds has proven prophetic if not down right scary! This pebble is buying more ammo!


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