A New Year

2017 for me is going to start off with a bit of stress, we’ll find out in the first ten days whether a mandatory career change is required. How 2017 will end is anyone’s guess.

I wish I could write words that everything will be great, but the truth is that that is only one possibility among many. Some of the other possibilities aren’t so good.

But, here’s to hope. Raise a glass, say a toast, and here’s hoping that we’re all here this time next year.

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1 Response to A New Year

  1. DW says:

    Been working a lot with the new year, so behind on my blog reading.

    Don’t know if your concern time frame has arrived yet, but what I do know is regardless the outcome, you’ll come out on top. You’ve got the tools, knowledge and personal drive to win.

    Keep the faith my friend!


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