Historic Racism, the excuse that something bad happening to someone else in the past justifies your bad behavior now…

So four black “youths” kidnapped, tied up, and tortured a kid in Chicago. Evidently the talking heads in the media are very concerned that this might support the “false narrative” that black people can be just as racist as any other set of people. They keep talking about “this one, isolated, tragic incident” as if people would conveniently forget the “knockout game” or the “black flash mob beats white girl” headlines of the past few years.

Nope, no sir, they want to talk about how white people are afraid for no reason. How Trump is a big meany racist for pointing out that Chicago had more murders than New York and L.A. combined…

On a much more positive note…. One of the better signs of equality in the United States is so much horse manure is being called “racism” that only the terminally gullible would believe.

“Micro aggressions” are those things that aren’t aggressive, and can only be detected by someone who thinks they can see things that other people don’t. Seriously anything that makes anyone uncomfortable at any time can fall under the “micro aggression” category as if someone’s hurt feelings mattered even in the slightest. If that hurt your feelings, at least do me the courtesy of not accusing me of a “micro aggression” cause I’ll straight up call you names.

“Code words” are “hidden messages in plain sight that perpetuate the historical oppression of minorities” is probably one ya’ll just might be familiar with. Of course if I told you that there were hidden messages all around you that you couldn’t see or hear unless you had enough melanin in your skin, you’d think I’m crazy. But people believe it.

“Historic Oppression” is what people complain about when they aren’t oppressed. Otherwise they’d be complaining about “current oppression.” But they aren’t complaining about “current oppression” they are complaining about “code words and micro aggressions that are an invisible to everyone who isn’t trained to spot them bringing up the historical oppression of people of color!” (how much you wanna bet you can’t spot code words or micro aggressions without a gender or ethnic minority studies degree?)

“White Privilege” is the idea that somehow people should feel guilty for having better luck than someone else. Seriously. Born a rich black kid? Total lottery winner there, good for you son! Born poor white trash? Well look here son, you just happen to have some unearned advantages. What advantages you might ask? Well you ain’t black, so there’s that going for ya.

“Well, what advantage is being not black?” You might ask? That’s a dang good question, as being not black means you can’t be a diversity hire, you have to score higher on standardized tests, and the only people you aren’t expected to be smarter than are Asians. Seriously, Asians have to be the most disadvantaged people out there, at least from a social expectation standpoint. Asian men are all supposed to be engineers, doctors, or really flipping good at math in there day job and freakin’ ninjas at night. Asian women are expected to like tentacles for some reason. Don’t ask me why, I still don’t know.

Literally we live in a world where Cletus from flyover country can be accused of using “code words” and “micro aggressions” for writing this here blog post, or telling a joke, or even trying to be civil. “Oh, so you have to TRY to treat me like a human being!” cries the poor (historically) oppressed minority woman, “That is SUCH a micro aggression!”

“Hell lady.” Cletus answers, “I have to TRY to treat anyone like a human being cause we didn’t learn much of them fancy manners back in the trailer park. Makes it real hard to remember not to cuss when you bitch so much about nuthin’.”

The truth is that in America, if you are born poor odds are you’ll stay poor, and if you are born rich odds are you’ll stay rich regardless of color. In America your skin color doesn’t hold you back from success, but sometimes rotten luck just happens and it’s no one’s fault. There are assholes out there of all ages, sexes, colors, races, and faiths. There’s some good folk too.

But seriously, give up on the victimhood. Let “micro aggression” and “code words” and “historical oppression” die on the vine. Those things don’t exist outside of some ethnic minorities studies program that exists only to produce college graduates with no marketable skills or practical knowledge but have a chip on their shoulder.

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