There were no droughts or famines before Global Warming caused them all!

You can spot propaganda as it uses the same technique as advertising, it tries to get you emotionally involved in order to trick your brain into equating two unrelated things as related.

Read this:

TSIHOMBE, Madagascar — She is just a frightened mom, worrying if her son will survive, and certainly not fretting about American politics — for she has never heard of either President Obama or Donald Trump.

What about America itself? Ranomasy, who lives in an isolated village on this island of Madagascar off southern Africa, shakes her head. It doesn’t ring any bells.

Yet we Americans may be inadvertently killing her infant son. Climate change, disproportionately caused by carbon emissions from America, seems to be behind a severe drought that has led crops to wilt across seven countries in southern Africa. The result is acute malnutrition for 1.3 million children in the region, the United Nations says. – Nicholas Kristof, Sunday Review, New York Times, Jan 6, 2017

And notice the “may be” and “seems to be” that I’ve conveniently put in bold font to help point out the weasel wording in an article designed to transfer the bad luck of a regional drought into some sort of “white guilt” aimed at Americans. But the article is clearly trying to equate “American Emissions” with “Killing poor Africans” despite not having any real evidence.

After all, if it is “Global Warming” then shouldn’t there be droughts everywhere? Or extra rainfall everywhere? Should we be talking about “desertification” which is a permanent change instead of “drought” which is a temporary condition? Asking questions like this will get you a good yelling at an some rather unsavory accusations about your ethics and biology. But, if “Global Warming” had a scientific leg to stand on it would do so, rather than try to use the tools of propaganda to get you to buy a Prius.

Ever wonder why the “Global Warming” and “Anthropogenic Climate Change” community likes to start measuring “climate change” from 1880? Because that’s a good coincidental time between the end of a cooling period and a rough start of an industrialized world. Unfortunately it paints a picture that somehow the world was “natural” before the evil industrial world polluted the atmosphere with Carbon Dioxide, even though the “bulk” of CO2 increase happened after the 1940s. As a fun excercise, lets look at some non global warming linked droughts and famines prior to the 1940s.

So starting way back over seven centuries ago…

The Great European Famine of 1315–1317, was actually a series of crises. The tragedy, that killed an estimated 7.5 million people, was caused by strange weather and unrelenting rains.

Russian Famine of 1601–-03. Killing one-third of the population, the Russian Famine of 1601-03 is the worst to hit the country in terms of fatalities, killing as many as two million. A combination of a crop disruption from the erupting volcano of Huaynaputina in Peru and record cold weather was believed to be the cause.

Deccan Famine (India) of 1630-–32. Occurring after three-consecutive crop failures, the Deccan Famine of 1630-32 was one of the worst to take place in India. Over the three-year period, an estimated two million perished, mainly in the Deccan region of Central India.

Irish Potato Famine, 1845 – 1852 in the country of Ireland. The rough period, caused by a potato disease that ravaged crops, caused the area to lose as much as 25% of its population with one million in fatalities and another one million in residents who emigrated as a result. It should be noted that most of the deaths weren’t caused by a lack of potatoes, but improper responses by the British government that concentrated people into areas where disease did most of the killing. This was because the British policy on wheat because of their Mercantilist economic model, but that’s another story entirely.

Finnish Famine 1866-68 killed between 15 and 20 percent of the population in the area or roughly 150,000 people. A combination of weather and poor handling of the crisis by the Finnish government were believed to have been to blame.

Bengal Famine 1769 – 1773 in what is now parts of Bangladesh. An estimated 15 million perished in the famine, which was blamed on greedy principles from the British East India Company’s rule.

The Great Famine of 1876–78 (India), this tragedy that took the lives of as many as 10.3 million, affected over 250,000 square miles in India. The two-year famine also distressed over 58 million in the Madras, Mysore, Hyderabad and Bombay areas.

Northern Chinese Famine 1876-79, affected the northern portion of the country of China. As the fifth-worst famine in history it is believed to have killed 13 million people.

Indian Famine 1896 – 1902. One of many famines to hit India throughout the centuries, this one was the worst, claiming an estimated 19 million lives.

Chinese Famine of 1907. 24 million dead.

Russian Famine of 1921, estimated 5 million deaths. This disaster affected the Volga-Ural region and was believed to be as a result of hard times during Word War I.

Chinese Famine of 1928–1930 killed an estimated 3 million.

Soviet famine of 1932–1933, remembered by some as the Holodomor, a term that translates to “hungry mass death.” Between seven and 10 million were killed in the area, which is now part of the Ukraine and Siberia, among other areas.

Chinese Famine of 1936, estimated 5 million dead.

Chinese Drought 1941, an estimated three million perished.

So there you have it…droughts and famines not linked to “climate change” and more to bad luck, bad weather, poor governance, and deliberate governance. A regional drought in Africa two hundred years ago would have killed of hundreds of thousands, but produced no record for white people to feel guilty about. Unless you are the British and your economic policies were responsible for the majority of the deaths in the Irish Potato Famine and the Bengal Famine, then feel guilty all you want.

In a few years the drought will be over in southern Africa, but it will be some other drought in some other place that people assume is caused by “Global Warming.” Of course the drought out in California is killing jobs and killing orchards, but since a famine isn’t associated with it no one really cares, except orchard owners.

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