Jade Helm and Civilian Interactions

Anyone else remember the complete butthurt that some folks in the “patriot community” got when Jade Helm was going to take place on and off post? Evidently the same patriot community isn’t all that “woke” when it comes to training off post, in Germany.


I like to make fun of easily disproved conspiracies, and Jade Helm was one of the easiest to disprove. But all kidding aside, there are some very important lessons to take forward.

1, for military forces to be relevant in the international conflicts happening today, they need to train to interact with civilians and around civilians. The days of a front line far away from civilization are over.

2, the first point isn’t going to stop the conspiracy theorists from pointing out that they are idiots by believing that every off post exercise is some sort of scheme to get the civilian population accustomed to martial law, or some other BS.

3, because point number 2 is a reality, you can expect the “idiot signal” to be amplified by the usual suspects like Sputnik news, RT dotcom, and bloggers who amplify Sputnik and RT like Alex Jones. They don’t care that they are advancing enemy information operational goals, they just want to be a part of point number 2.

There are further reaching consequences of the current face of warfare, and essentially it has taken the traditional SOF roles of FID, CA, and COIN and handed those off to the regular military, while the SOF community focuses more on breaking apart networks and a a “counter-SOF” mission. I don’t mean to say that SOF is becoming irrelevant, only that the relevancy is changing as the little squabbles between superpowers devolves more and more into “gray zone conflicts.”

It is an interesting time to be alive.

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1 Response to Jade Helm and Civilian Interactions

  1. B says:

    All that idiot noise would be perfect canon fodder for single operator attacking the Ctrl-L…. Just saying 🙂


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