The passing of a pioneer.

In the early days of blogging, before such easy services as “blogger” and “wordpress” you had to code your own and maintain it. This would be the ancient days of dial up internet and Windows 95 and 98. So mid to late 90s.

At that time Rush Limbaugh was the voice of conservatives on the radio, and the Democrats were regretting their decision to free up the FCC rules on radio because he was hurting their narrative. And while traditional media and the Democrats (but I repeat myself) were still reeling from right hook the talk radio, early bloggers like Kim and Connie Du Toit were following up with a left hook on the internet.

So it is with a bit of real sadness that I received word that Connie Du Toit has passed. She wasn’t always a nice person online, and had rather sharp things to say for those whose lifestyle choices were a bit outside the norm, but the impact of her and Kim on the “gunternet” or “freedom loving community” can’t be minimized. So many people found each other through Kim’s site that if you used the acronym RCOB I think that many would still recognize is as “Red Cloud of Blood.”

Connie wasn’t perfect, but none of us are, and her impact on lives well beyond her immediate circle was profound. When I pass, I hope that someone can say the same for me.

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