The increasing normalization of violence by the Left

The world is always shocked by “right wing” violence, but it is NEVER shocked by left wing violence.

One of the reasons why every successful terror attack is almost always immediately blamed on the “right wing extremists” is that if it was effective, no one expects Leftists. However, that’s also because the media is leftist driven, and can’t imagine “our side” doing those horrible things.

Recently there was this post by John Mosby:×4-to-the-teeth/ which outlines why leftist violence works, and how leftist “revolutions” work.

That inspired this bit of response from Aesop: which I think is a bit foolish, there won’t be much Leftist violence in California because they already own that state. As long as the Left holds power, they won’t resort to violence to gain power.

And that’s the rub of violence, it is only used for two purposes. To gain power, or to maintain power. The Left in California WILL use violence to maintain power, but it will look a lot like “police conduct a crackdown of…” news stories rather than “angry mobs burned a family alive for voting for an evil Republican…”

Of course if you are voting for them “evil Republicans” in California, you already know that your odds of a police no knock raid on your home. Many celebrities are “SWATted” and just imagine what would happen if Saul Alinksy were put in charge of California Law Enforcement. Remember that Alinsky had no problem inciting violence, and would hope really hard that some “right wing extremist” resisted a “no knock raid” so he could dance in the blood of a fallen officer to gain even more public support for his side, and erode public support for the “evil conservatives.”

But…All that theory is fine, but the indicators out there on the normalization of leftist violence are getting to become a downright constant barrage: Leftist students normalizing physical violence, and hiring/coordinating with an experienced boxer to do so. The beginning of Communist Revolutions almost always starts with upper middle class college students starting to hang out with hardened criminals so they can learn how to hurt and kill people. Another naked call to kill people who aren’t supporting “black lives matter” hard enough.

The “Limousine Liberal” set giving public permission for violence:

This idiot thinking that there is a war coming and that the “Left WILL win!”  Which is only the rantings of someone utterly devoid of any historical facts about leftists violence. Leftist violence doesn’t always win, but Leftist violence is always based on useful idiots like Alex there believing that “the revolution is inevitable and we just need one successful spark and the people will rise up with us!!!”

Solid blue cities like Portland, OR, are one of the places where leftists don’t need to riot or commit violence, because they are already in power and are more concerned about not having that monopoly on violence to maintain power:

The good news for people who live in rural red areas, violence is not coming to your neighborhood any time soon. The leftists will always try to consolidate power in areas they are strong first. For the folks who live in suburbs…your risk level is higher because you have so many different areas to travel through for work and normal life.

But…with violence normalizing at this level in the dead of winter, I really have some questions about what the hell will happen this summer.

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