The current spate of hard left violence (and the hard right counter protests) is an interesting trend given America’s history. The last time we saw this much violence was the end of the heyday of the civil rights movement, end of the Vietnam war, the beginning of the rise of Asian manufacturing displacing American manufacturing, and all the “useful idiots” were pawns of the Soviet security services just trying to get America to tear itself apart.

Now, it’s mostly the end of the war on terror, the end of the equal rights for LBGTQ movement, the firm rise in foreign programmers and technicians replacing American programmers and technicians, and all the “useful idiots” are convinced that someone is in bed with Russia to destroy our nation. The past may not repeat, but it sure does rhyme.

So…it is a time of change. Maybe the memories of my childhood are wrong, but I remember my parents stressed about money, how Dad worked as he could in the multi year recession. Things aren’t so different now, really, but the world is smaller as more people exist, and more people are connected. So this time, people watch the riots as they are live streamed rather than hear about it on the radio or read about it in the paper.

I don’t know what the change will be this time, but I hope my boys have good memories of their childhood. For all I remember my parents stressed, they did their best and it was good enough to get me into adulthood.

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