A Library Burned

They say a library burns when an old man dies.

Hognose, the currator of Weaponsman blog, has passed on. We never met in real life, and it wasn’t until his brother gave is name that I had any idea of who he was. He was a man that much of the world met through his words, shielded by the thin anonymity of the internet.

This is not the first time an “internet friend” or acquaintance has passed on. Fritz from a sporterizing forum, Ray (who I did meet in meatspace), Connie Du Toit, and now Kevin O’Brien. Sometimes the links stay up, the blogs stay up, a digital memorial to the contributions of lives now in the past.

But…just like they won’t let you stay in the Army forever if you live long enough for them to kick you out, you can’t live forever either. The most powerful honor the living can give to the dead is a profound sense of loss or diminishing in the universe.

And so if it feels like a library is burning, it is because we the living are diminished by his passing. May Kevin find fair winds and safe paths on his next journey.

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