Violence, revisited

In the book “Caliphate” by Tom Kratman, the idea that retaining authority over the prosecution or pardon of some crimes will eventually allow “America to clean house” of all the internal rot that prevents engaging in total war against fundamentalist Islam.

In 2017, we see the selective enforcement of law allowing leftists to riot in California. Even in the heyday of leftist violence, the ATF never avoided arresting you while you were in town, preferring to play with new toys in the siege of the Branch Davidian compound. Had it been a leftist organization, it would have turned out differently.

This is because in American culture, the right has an automatic credibility when it comes to violence. Whether this credibility is deserved or not is debatable, but when Tim McVeigh murdered all those fellow Americans, he demonstrated the efficacy of someone with a plan who can competently follow it through to execution. During the heyday of the “war on terror” the FBI routinely busted self radicalized jihadists who reached out to undercover FBI agents through the internet, giving rise to the rather accurate meme that “FBI stop FBI terror plot!”

At the “Malheur Standoff” it was estimated that between a quarter to a third of all “occupiers” were in fact, “informants.” This heavy infiltration of “right wing” groups is a theme that Matt Bracken used in his novels. Using selective enforcement to gain leverage on an individual to get them to do your bidding, well just because that’s tyrannical doesn’t stop a government from doing just that.

But, back to the violence. The violence itself doesn’t bother me too much, we’ve had the LA Riots, the Ferguson riots, but what is different about this is that it is political violence based on agendas. This is not rioting based on an incident sparking a legitimate grievance.

There are two ways to go from here, the violence can get worse, or it can taper off. The longer President Trump is in power without unleashing the might of the FedGov on the leftists “Antifa” (who fight against free speech and for a homogeneous identity politics utopia, which is in fact fascism) the more likely it is to taper off. If Trump does something stupid, like actually react, that will encourage the leftists to double or triple down on the tactic of using violence to achieve and endstate. And due to the always on, always connected internet based world, the violence doesn’t have to be local to you to FEEL like it’s local to you.

We live in interesting times.

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2 Responses to Violence, revisited

  1. B says:

    Yeah, regardless of the future, it was sure satisfying to watch anifa get their a$$ kicked around in Berkley. I just read an article about the left subsequently wanting to up armor and get weapon training (gov paid of course). Ironically (and thank goodness) I dont know any weapon trainer that would train any of those willing to use violence to achieve political ends. They fear of losing NRA support and customers. Plus most of the left leaning communist groups live in blue areas and have restricted gun laws in the name of peace so attaining weapons would be like growing a second head. Capitalism at its best. I’ll just keep reloading and waiting


    • rthtgnbs says:

      Traditionally leftists have aligned themselves with criminals, and criminal gangs, in order to obtain weapons training and leadership from people who have already committed the ultimate societal taboo, ie, deliberate murder.

      Blue state areas due to their policies don’t seem to lack for hardened criminal gangs with violent tendencies.


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