Back on the net for a bit…

My forced sabbatical from blogging having come to an end, the first thing I notice is that the Trump Derangement Syndrome hasn’t abated one bit. Were conservatives every this annoying about Bill Clinton or Barack Obama? Probably.

On more important matters, another mind has taken a look at the FBI data on police shootings and come to some of the similar conclusions as I did, the “condition one” carry isn’t what saves your ass, it is situational awareness that saves your ass by giving you time and time gives you options (condition one is fine, take it or leave it but it isn’t the end all of self defense).

In other news, LTC retired Dave Grosman has doubled down on his war against video games. Evidently having a “mass shooting” number bounce between 1 and 10 per year in the United States over multiple decades is a “growing epidemic” and clearly Grand Theft Auto is at fault. Except the data doesn’t support that at all, between the millions of consoles and games sold, a the “mass shootings” in the time frame conducted have never broken the double digits per year. In a nation of 330 million people, that’s what we call “normal range” of data.

Then again, only Grosman would be the guy to have an article on heat street with the supporting data presented pulled from Mother Jones while he raves on about social morals like a member of the John Birch society…

But, as horrific as “mass shootings” are, it is comforting to know that the homicide rate in 2016 was at a 51 year low:

That puts things in perspective doesn’t it? I mean if video games were really causing violence, then shouldn’t the homicide rate be going up? Or could it be that Grosman is an idiot who is grasping at a very small sample size to cherry pick data in order to sell more of his books, speaking engagements, and keep his “brand” viable? Ocham’s Razor says that Grosman is full of crap and in it for the money.

The “WannaCry” ransomware… well that is what we get when a three letter agency lets its hacking tools get loose into the wild. Makes you feel really great when the FBI double pinky promises that it would NEVER let the custom hacking tool it ordered Apple to create for it fall into the wrong hands. Seriously folks, the next time the FBI takes Apple or Microsoft to court, it will have an uphill battle to suppress the evidence of the government getting hacked and releasing hacking tools…

Comments are open, how did your last three weeks of life go?

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2 Responses to Back on the net for a bit…

  1. B says:

    Yeah, Grossman leaves bad taste in my mouth. He’s to the gun community what Tipper Gore was to rock&roll during the 90’s.

    Like most people in fly over country, I’ve just been trying to survive the biased media onslaught on my way of life while getting up every day to make enough money to keep the bills at bay.

    So good to have you back, I started to feel like a stalker checking your blog every day 😀


  2. Dick Baker says:

    Yeah, me too.


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