Thoughts on Radical Activism and Sniper Rifles with a few things in between

I’m still catching up on the three weeks of my life spent in internet isolation, so here are some of the things I’ve noticed having been connected back to the digital world for a bit more than 24 hours now.

One thing the election of Donald Trump did for aging hippy activists is give them something to protest against. You know, all the things that Barack Obama did that Donald Trump is now doing, but somehow they are bad because Trump is now doing the Presidenting instead of the iWon doing the presidenting.

The “fight for $15” crowd is going strong, economic literacy obviously not being one of their strong points. The minimum wage is $0 and always will be, if labor prices itself out of the market to be replaced by machines or companies not having enough of a profit margin to justify the risk of doing business, then laborers will effectively make zero dollars per hour.

The social justice warriors out in Berkeley and other places are getting more acquainted with violence, and the “resist every day” movement has started posting videos with guys trying to operate AK-47 variants (seriously dude, don’t go there, the revolution just ain’t going to happen). This is a troubling development for a number of reasons, the first of which is that government has spent so much time and effort into infiltrating “right wing” groups that I’m not sure they have any sort of experience infiltrating “left wing” extremists. The second of which is that left wing nutjobs have always been “bomb” oriented rather than “gun” oriented as they are inherently cowards (as is anyone who wants to kill someone else without risking their life to do it). Here is an article written three years ago, and remember that the time between then and now makes this the “good old days” while the Overton window shifted to make even more extreme tactics “normal”

California is trying to go full retard on gun control, which will have the predictable results of doing both “jack” and “squat” for any sort of measurable crime statistics. Of course gun control isn’t about safety, it’s about control. So getting all those icky red voters to move to Nevada, Oregon, or Utah seems like a feature, not a bug.

And “JadeGold” the online handle for Guy Cabot, has resurfaced. The election of Donald Trump has brought a lot of loonies back out of the woodwork, evidently the failure of America to know what is good for us and elect another Clinton has really irked our coastal betters.

Donald Trump is definitely a polarizing figure, his comments about NATO have stirred up a lot of discussion in Europe. With Russia actively waging an information war against NATO and the west at almost every turn the rather cordial relations between the Trump Administration and Russian Federation are tempered with the increased flow of troops through Europe and the US participation in “Enhanced Forward Presence” which puts US troops within a few minutes of the Russian border. But, historically treating Russia as a “frienemy” has always turned out to be a better option than treating Russia as either friend or enemy. Just like a High School romance, “it’s complicated” sums up effective diplomacy between the US, NATO/Europe, and Russia.

But…I’ve not seen political activism like this in my lifetime, even the “Code Pink” protests against GWBush were utterly tame in comparison to this. The “Trump Derangement Syndrome” is real as even Fox News is 52% “negative” when covering Trump. Seriously, even the “blatant right wing news source” has a 4% swing on negative coverage of someone supposedly a darling of the right . On the flip side of that, it means it honestly does not matter what the Trumpster does, because it will be protested and hated. This gives him an amazing amount of political flexibility to do whatever the hell it is that he wants, which seems to be exactly what he’s doing.

But speaking of radical activists, even Kim Du Toit is back on the scene, and still ranting about the AR-15/M16/M4 platform in 5.56×45 as if he ever carried one into combat. Spoiler alert, he hasn’t. The 5.56×45 still remains a potent killer and there is a reason that the 6.8 SPC adopted by SOCOM never really found traction even in that community. There is nothing wrong with going to a .25 to .27 caliber intermediate catridge, but there isn’t much right about it either. Sometimes different is just different. Having carried several hundred rounds of 5.56×45 in my rucksack on several occasions with 210 rounds on my kit, all ammo gets heavy fast. I wouldn’t mind a replacement for the 7.62×51 down to a slightly smaller and light round, but the odds of that happening are slim to nil. In fact the Army just spec’d out another semi-auto sniper rifle in 7.62×51. Here is the now late Bob Owen’s take on the matter:

Honestly though, if you want a 308 semi auto sniper rifle, just wait for a Palmetto State Armory sale on one of their PA-10s. Upgrade the handguards to a free float tube and you too can have guaranteed 1.5″ minutes of accuracy. Of course people snicker at 1.5 minutes of accuracy, but historically that has been closer to the norm for military grade sniper rifles, which are expected to deliver that performance in conditions that would make benchrest shooters cry. And as much as the current “long to ultra long” sniper trend has gone, the bulk of all sniper engagements are still in the 300 to 600 “sweet spot” range (whether ranged in yards or meters). As much as I love the M14/M1A platform, they acutally make pretty abysmal sniper rifles compared to the AR platform, mainly from an ease of maintenance and barrel swap perspective.


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One Response to Thoughts on Radical Activism and Sniper Rifles with a few things in between

  1. B says:

    Yeah, I am maintaining a safe distance from all things political. The insane left are arming up now for violence. When they finally make the stupid decision to single out sloped forehead, knuckle dragging mouth breathers for elimination I’ll be praying for their souls cause they’re gonna need it. My redneck neighbors are just itching to punch anyone in the media or from the left who continually deride them for “incorrect” thoughts and behaviors. I’m an O’bummer distance ahead of all of them so I’ll keep reloading to keep pressing my advantage… We sure live in interesting times


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