Terrorism in Manchester

The deliberate suicide bombing of an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester aimed at western youths has, once again, caught the multi cultural crowd by complete surprise. Evidently the last attack on a concert in Paris was completely unrelated or something.

While this should not be a news flash to anyone, terrorists target where people gather. The traditional targets are workplaces, schools, and events. Or like the San Bernadino terrorists, an event at work for a twofer. Schools, workplaces, events. The “normal” gathering places for people, and when a terrorist wants to kill a lot of people that is where they go.

Beslan was a school, and Beslan was much worse than Manchester. However that visceral reaction to those who have not been jaded by constant contact with the middle east is a bit more than the normal reaction to a terror attack. Because it was aimed at the children.

Children are the future, by deliberately targeting the future of the west the violent islamists have once again explained through action that they will not stop. There is no cultural taboo they will not cross. Not selling women into sexual slavery, not decapitating fellow muslims with det cord, not throwing homosexuals from a roof.

At this point, I’m part of the “jaded” crowd. You deal with enough of this and it just becomes another bomb in a long stream of bombings. Another addition to the casualty tally in the the long war for survival. When you have friends in the ground from islamist bombs, you’ve already gone through the grieving process to arrive at the acceptance that this is the world we live in, and there are people out there who passively support the deliberate murder of children with bombs. And there are those who actively support. And there are those who act.

Another candle light vigil will do nothing. Another social media picture filter will do both “jack” and “squat.” Another round of media talking heads wondering what drove this “lone wolf” to commit such a horrible act will bring no one any understanding.

This is war, and it was a war chosen by the islamists. And no matter their excuses, whether from the teachings of a raving lunatic or from some “post colonial grievance” that the coastal liberal elites like to bring up, is going to change the fact that one side is “all in” on the war.

Me, I’m just tired. We live in a society that has given up on the concept of “total war” following Korea and Vietnam, and so far a “measured response” hasn’t cut the mustard. So I’m left with the conclusion that there aren’t any good answers, and western civilization will either die, or fall back into a method of fighting a total war that is only two generations past.

So the next time someone says, “Think of the Children!” remind them of Manchester.

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2 Responses to Terrorism in Manchester

  1. Patrice Ayme says:

    Yes, it is a war against islamism, but it is, first of all, a philosophical war. Traitors to deep thinking posed as thinkers, while admitting they were “absurd”. So doing they fostered the vicious circle between Wall Street, Oil Men, Arabian feudal lords, Muslim fanatics, and US imperialists. That made their fortune, and caused the decay of civilization, as intended.


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