Training and Nutrition

Recently I found out that someone needed some additional assistance passing a run time requirement, so for the last two weeks I’ve been getting up early and meeting him at his door at 0600 to go for a run on Saturdays. Last week we did a sprint heavy run, and this week, today actually, we did a hill run of about 2.5 miles. I remember enjoying running much more early on in my career.

But twenty years ago I was 40 lbs lighter. The additional weight was a brought on by added muscle mass from regular workouts plus about a year of work related depression about seven years ago that turned into a bought with pneumonia. That combination ballooned me up to the heaviest I’ve ever been a whopping 230 some pounds. Thankfully I’ve never had a serious problem passing the physical fitness tests required for me to continue being gainfully employed, but I’ve continually busted the “screening table weight” and have to get measured for body fat.

Unfortunately as you get older, you can’t live like you did when you were younger. The truth is that as your life changes, your lifestyle has to change with it.

The lightest I’ve gotten in the last seven years involved training for a half marathon while testing out the “paleo diet” for about three months. I dropped down to 206 lbs, but damn if I wasn’t tired and cranky all the time. I started giving myself a cheat day once a week to keep my spirits up and while that made me feel much better, it rather stopped the weight loss.

But then I left that job, and came to a much higher stress position for the last three years, so those 15 lbs came back (readily available Bavarian beer for cheaper than an American soda didn’t help that any). But now, it is time to transition again, to a job back stateside. One which may end up being my last before being forced into retirement, or may end up getting me a promotion that keeps me around for a bit more. But, either way, I should still be executing focused training to get my body into a higher level of physical readiness.

But..I already exercise regularly, so whats left? Nutrition.

While the title of this piece on WebMD is a bit misleading, the advice is decent for those who are like me and could probably stand to lose some fat (I don’t have a six pack, but you can still see my top two abdominal muscles, which indicates that I’m carrying around more fat than I need covering the abs below that)

So I know what I need to do… Drop the carbs, add in more protein, try not to get too cranky on a lower carb diet… Exercise alone just isn’t cutting it anymore.

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