Technology interlude

I’m a tech geek. Everybody knows someone like me, just think of the first person you call when your computer starts acting up, them’s my peeps. So when I ran into a really weird problem with windows on my main laptop, I tried to fix it. And dang, if nothing worked.

Three days worth of running various powershell commands, turning services on and off, changing settings and flags. Nothing. Update wouldn’t update, anti-virus wouldn’t start, even Edge, Cortana, and Search wouldn’t receive keyboard input. The file explorer couldn’t find the DVD drive (the only way to get to the DVD drive was to get to the disk management utility and use that to open the DVD drive).

So finally I just gave up, and did for myself what I normally do when someone brings me a Windows machine with a crappy, unstable user experience. I backed up the data that needed saving and did a clean install. All is well in the world now.

The good news? Well Windows 10 does re-install easily, and rather quickly on a gen 1 core i5 based system compared to older versions of windows. The weird or possibly creepy news? Microsoft keeps records of your motherboard serial number so that if you do re-install Win 10 you don’t have to reactivate it.

But, I’m back up and running, no real worse for the wear, but right now I’m glad I finally gave up on fixing the problem and resorted to starting from scratch.

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