The fashion police.

First they came for mens cargo shorts! and and

Then they came for flip flops! and and

Now…does anyone find it ironic that the “fashion police” are compaining about highly functional clothing? First up, the very same buzzfeed that hated on men wearing cargo shorts! but not to be left out is the ever opinionated The Atlantic and

And we can’t forget that the plight of female foot comfort in the face of fashion has been commented on ad nauseum (short version, fashion conscious women hurt themselves to look good). or

But you know how to solve those problems with women’s fashion? You know not being able to store things and being forced to carry an external purse while wearing uncomfortable footwear? Some cargo shorts and some flip flops. Sure you’ll look like you don’t care about fashion, but if you really want to be a self actualized individual then you really have no business caring about fashion anyway.

But…no matter the article of clothing eventually it will become “fashionized” and “trendy” at some point. Remember grunge? and seriously why did “hipsters” make thrift store shopping so trendy?

So I’m not too worried, as long as I’ve got pockets to put stuff in and comfortable feet (life is way too short for uncomfortable shoes) I’ll be a happy individual. Although I do need a new suit so I can start interviewing for jobs in a few years….


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