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The Witch Hunt for Bret Weinstein

The Evergreen State College is an interesting institution and has been since its very beginning. There are no grades for students, but they get a written evaluation of performance along with full, reduced, or no credit for the courses taken. … Continue reading

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Bad Economic Studies to Support Bad Economic Policies

The politicization of science irks me to the bottom of my little black soul. Recently two “studies” (the quotation marks a clear sign of derision) have been making the social media rounds and they deserve fisking. I wish I had … Continue reading

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Accuracy Nodes in Rifle Handloading, Staying Safe When Finding the Sweet Spot

A standard reloading technique for creating safe ammunition is to start off with a “ladder charge” that starts at the “starting charge weight” and works up to the “max charge weight” in 0.3 or 0.5 grain increments for a given … Continue reading

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Barrel Life: Nitride, Chrome, and a few other exotic liners discussed

So the recent (recent as the time of this posting anyways) USMC Request for Information (RFI) got me dusting off old references to extreme high round count experimental barrel technology. This topic often has people asking the question, “what is … Continue reading

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