Gear Review: ALG Quality Milspec Trigger

I gave the gift of a Palmetto State Armory “Freedom Rifle” kit to a family member, and we assembled it on his kitchen table then took it to the range the following day. We fed it  a steady diet of 75gr OTM bullets over 24gr of PowerPro 2000-MR powder lit off by Wolf KVBM primers in LC brass. From my 20″ AR with a Criterion barrel, that load did quite well accuracy wise even if not shooting through the same hole.

The good. It is decently accurate. The bad. The trigger is without a doubt the absolute worst trigger I’ve ever felt. Rusty barn door gritty and at least nine pounds. So, I pulled an ALG Quality Milspec Trigger out of my “box o’ parts acquired on sale” and we installed that.

Result? Amazingly better experience. Shorter take up, lighter break, better feel. It isn’t a Geissele, but for the price point it doesn’t have to be. It costs a tad more than a standard trigger, and performs much better, and since I got it on sale for less than the asking price, it was a very good deal.

In the same category Palmtetto State Armory’s own Enhanced Polished Trigger also meets the same low end upgrade, and if you can snatch one up on sale is probably a good thing to do. Here is someone else’s opinions on the matter:

I don’t recommend one trigger over another as “better” in this price range because so much of “better” falls down to shooter preference, and either trigger is going to be better than the random trigger found in most lower parts kits. Although I do have a random DPMS parts kit trigger that feels really good, so every once in a while the tolerance will stack in your favor too (but I wouldn’t count on it). More consistent means better accuracy for you, so these cheap upgrades are a well worth it, even for a cheap AR.


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