Femsplaining “average white man confidence” in the culture wars

So there I was, enjoying the Harry Potter weekend when I saw an advertisement for “The Bold Type” which is about some appropriately multi-ethnic women in magazine publishing.

In the preview, one character says this to another…

“Go in there as confident as an extremely average white man.”

That statement is pretty typical for modern feminists, implying that white men have huge amounts of unearned advantages and confidence in their own abilities. I assure you that this is not the case. Would you like to know more?

First, men are over-represented in the top and bottom ends of our society. The “extremely average” man is in the precarious position of being in the middle working very hard to make it into the “highly successful” range while not falling into the underclass. Rather than being confident or powerful, the “average” is a place of stress and worry.

Second, the average white man is a bit overweight, and not particularly bright, without a 4 year college degree. In fact, women now outnumber men for college degrees by 1% and that number is expected to grow. In fact, the “problem” of non-college graduate white man was a particular problem for the liberal elite: https://www.fastcompany.com/3062321/why-are-there-so-many-white-young-american-men-without-college-degrees and % sources: https://www.census.gov/content/dam/Census/library/publications/2016/demo/p20-578.pdf

So why the casual disrespect towards “completely average white men”? Because while men cluster at the upper and underclass, the distribution of women who over-estimate their own worth makes the lack of available men in the upper class a problem for the urban New York liberal college educated woman. For several years now NY papers and magazines have bemoaned a “man dearth” or “man drought” http://nypost.com/2015/08/25/hey-ladies-here-are-8-reasons-youre-single/ and are even running stories about importing men to NY in order to solve the lack of “suitable” mates: http://nypost.com/2016/09/15/these-women-found-the-perfect-solution-to-nycs-man-drought/  The TL:DR version, look for a mate outside of NY where there are more men, as if “supply and demand” were a shockingly new concept (although to be told, to socialists any actual economic understanding is a shockingly new concept).

Possibly then, a completely average white man in Manhattan is in a position to appear to have more confidence with women that is justified due to the particular demographics of NY City. However that rather small slice of America isn’t “average” by any stretch of mathematics. Social justice really jumps the shark when a pickup truck and being a small business owner of a roofing company becomes the definition of “white privilege” https://edexcellence.net/articles/when-the-language-of-privilege-is-git-r-done  Of course “privilege” is supposed to be “power” and the average white male, without a college degree, has a rather bit less cultural power than anyone working in the media (even Cosmo).

But…this social disconnect isn’t new, nor is it particularly worrying. There are people who un-ironically refer to middle America as “flyover country” as if they wouldn’t be caught dead driving in it. So much so that the Huffington Post arranged a bus tour of these strange and exotic locals, such as “Indiana” and “Texas.” http://www.politico.com/story/2017/07/13/huffington-post-middle-america-240476  Of course a bus tour to the cities in middle America isn’t going to allow anyone to actually understand middle America as even “red state” cities are often islands of blue or purple rather than the solid reds of rural America.

This tone deafness for working class values, the disdain for “Monsanto” (which is a curious combination of the height of scientific illiteracy and social virtue signalling) and how very few of the “coastal elite” even begin to expand their understanding of how the world actually works was spelled out years ago in this essay https://theamericanscholar.org/the-disadvantages-of-an-elite-education/#.WX3_mojyvIU . The disconnect between “coastal elites” and “middle America” is quite well highlighted by this Vanity Fair article on Monsanto: http://www.vanityfair.com/news/2008/05/monsanto200805 versus what people who actually work in agriculture have to say: https://petersonfarmblog.wordpress.com/2016/12/ or http://modernfarmer.com/2014/03/monsantos-good-bad-pr-problem/ . The cultural divide over agriculture leads us to a situation where “coastal elites” who are actually very ignorant on the in depth details of how America is fed can lobby for legislation that is both unnecessary and highly disruptive to “middle America” because they are “virtue signaling” to other “coastal elites” about how much they care about (insert random cause here). And the truth is, most everyone hates meddling, especially uninformed and intrusive meddling by people who assume to be your “betters.”

Maybe I should start using the phrase “as culturally clueless and uninformed as a Manhattan media contributor” to get the point across that the highly myopic version of America that is peddled as some sort of universal truth. I understand why a “coastal elite” could un-ironically say “as confident as a perfectly average white man” and I also understand how toxic that level of ignorance is to our culture and politics. Almost as toxic as “as culturally clueless and uninformed as a Manhattan media contributor” could be if it were ever broadcast to millions of people across America.

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